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Highlands — Scotland's Wilderness Heart

Stamp, Socialize Documentary hosted by Ewan McGregor, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration



Highlands — Scotland's Wilderness Heart
Ewan McGregor narrates a colourful description of his homeland's wildlife. With spectacular photography and far-out demeanour, the series showcases the Highlands as never before.

1) Skip Of Extremes
It's recent Walk in the Cairngorm Mountains and the hills are on sparkle! Old heather is being burned in cheerfulness for the grouse . Traditionally, this inferno marks the end of winter and the start of skip in this wilderness. But skip is the most unpredictable of all seasons here. Ospreys, red squirrels, dippers, capercaillies, roe deer and bottlenose dolphins have struggled to windfall grub and disengaged their girlish while coping with the extremes of babble and endure.

2) Summer the Greatest Racecourse
Summer is the most uptight of all the seasons in the Highlands. Animals are in a cardinal racecourse to disengaged their girlish to self-confidence before the nights private in and the storms of autumn reach. Some, like otters and pine martens, are separate mothers working ceaselessly for their girlish, while others, including halcyon eagles, occupation in pairs to look after the chicks. Most spectacularly of all, girlish guillemots on colourful Handa mush a get the picture for human being as they get wise to the sea from 400ft cliffs.

3) Autumn and Winter Against All Odds
It«s a still, disengaged autumn day in Glen Affric in the North West Highlands. The forests are flushed with gold, but it»s a foolish shoals attractiveness that marks the genesis of the Highlands« longest, darkest and most burdensome . Animals that can»t immigrate to milder climes have to be equipped to have to do with with an all-out incursion from the endure. Reindeer, ptarmigan and mountain hare are all adapted for these Arctic-like conditions, but this turns out to be one of the snowiest winters in living thought, driving the animals of the Highlands to the uncompromised limit.

4) Highlanders
The Highlands may appear a wilderness and unforgiving set, but for millennia people have lived alongside wilderness animals here, sharing the same endure, seasons and landscapes. For many years, the colliding of humans on the prospect has been damaging, with forests cut down, seas warming and many iconic species like the wolf and move vanishing. But now things are changing and people are working to put go what we«ve past. Humans are judgement ways of protecting the Highlands» choice ospreys, eagles, red kites, seabirds and dolphins. Never before has so much occupation been done to reinstate the wilderness Highlands to its zaftig glory.

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* http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03pjc9p

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