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Barbarous: Series 1

Make-Up Documentary hosted by Steve Backshall, published by ITV in 2016 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Barbarous: Series 1
We know from every schedule he«s ever made that Steve Backshall»s orientation to deadly wildlife is, essentially, «How taciturn can I get and still rove away?» The he-man of ingenuous report will touch tarantulas and toy with crocs while delivering extraordinary-planned mini-lectures and grinning from ear to ear.

Which is the pith of his first series for ITV — in the main a ramped-up construction of Ghostly 60

1) Indonesia
Steve makes his way to the turbulent islands of Indonesia where he is elaborate in a taciturn invoke after being chased by the world«s largest lizard, the fanciful komodo dragon. He also rescues a three metre envenomed prince cobra and goes diving in the treacherous seas that ambience the islands getting hands on with the world»s most fatal fish.

2) Guyana
Steve Backshall travels to Guyana, effectively to elephantine anaconda, piranha, jaguar and other deadly predators. His gamble begins by flying 340-miles south-west from the cap Georgetown to the subtle Principal Rupununi rainforest. He also visits a subtle of the rainforest on the Mapari River, and searches for an galvanizing eel. Aside from tracking down the bullet ant, so named because one stab feels like being encouragement, Steve also holds a bird-eating tarantula, and gets a rare sighting of the near extinction mammoth river otter.

3) Mexico
Steve Backshall heads to Mexico where he gets hands on with a two-metre eat one«s heart out rattlesnake, goes swimming with two feisty American crocodiles and dives 25 metres under the sea in search of bull sharks. However, the naturalist runs into put out when his diving accoutrements fails and he»s out of air.

4) Australia
Steve travels to Queensland, Australia, where he tracks down the smallest and most envenomed box jellyfish in the in the seventh heaven, the irukandji, and gets hands on with a Stingray. He also encounters the cassowary, a mammoth flightless bird with a deadly rebound, and scours the rainforest for two spiders with uncommon hunting techniques.

5) Namibia
Naturalist Steve Backshall explores the wildlife in the landscapes of Namibia, southern Africa. He tracks two craving cheetahs as they go on a ransack, stakes out a carcass to get up taciturn to a conglomeration of vultures, and has a taciturn clash with with an moved lion as he helps a vet at work.

6) South Africa
Steve Backshall is in the infinite make-up reserves of South Africa. He goes in search of a put away of rare and near extinction turbulent dogs, and helps and tag a noble stout-hearted eagle. Steve also gets hands on with a envenomed spitting cobra and a draught adder as they upon, and risks viability and limb to kayak up taciturn to Africa's most harmful mammal, the unpredictable hippopotamus.

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* Run-Heyday: 47mins
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