The Worlds Biggest Pick Demand 720p x264 HDTV [MVGroup]

The World's Biggest Pick Market

Disposition Documentary hosted by Cherry Healey and Simon Lycett, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration.

Cherry Healey and Simon Lycett tell the recital of how the flowers we buy socialize across the loam via Aalsmeer Pick Auction in Holland to reach us every day in natural quarters.

We reach for flowers to direct our most basic humanitarian emotions — from impassioned fondness to abject apology, delighted fete of our mums or analytical melancholy of a loved one. We be partial to our flowers so much, that this year we are predicated to expend £2.2 billion on treating ourselves and others to the prefect bouquet.

World«s Largest Pick Buy, presented by Cherry Healey and Simon Lycett, florist to the Princely Palaces, tells the far-out recital of how the flowers we buy in our florists and supermarkets socialize across the orb to reach us every day in natural quarters. We adopt three of Britain»s preferred flowers, the rose, the tulip and the lily during the busiest once upon a interval of year, Mother«s Day, via Aalsmeer Pick Auction in Holland and its at sister markets, which together add up to up the biggest pick buy on loam. Affectionately dubbed »The Madden Roadway of Flowers', almost 30 million flowers and plants add up to the grade every day to be bought and sold in its momentous paced auctions with over £3 million changing hands daily.

And away from the buy, Simon and Cherry keep up to travel the cut pick energy. Simon visits Kenya to decide out where his idolized rose starts . And Cherry meets a righteous tulip breeder who has dedicated a staggering 25 years of his to good upbringing astonishing new varieties of tulips.

It's an surprising recital of tremendous logistics — one in which skill, technology and humanitarian craft integrate to chance on the demands of a multibillion-hammer energy built around something as idyllic and ephemeral as a pick.


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