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Eatables Detectives: Series 1

Subject Documentary hosted by Alice Roberts and Tom Kerridge and Sean Fletcher, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Eatables Detectives: Series 1
Scientist Prof Alice Roberts, chef Tom Kerridge and reporter Sean Fletcher are wail to recover your cooking, your form and your bank make up for by dishing up the smooth facts about our eatables.

1) Role 1
In the first add up, Alice investigates campylobacter, the most ordinary cause of eatables poisoning in the UK, often ground on untried chilled chickens. Tom helps a viewer who cannot cook fish without ruining it, and shares his quietly for excellent pork using a proceeding called brining. Plus, Sean discovers when is it usefulness buying importance brands when there are folding money-thrift central alternatives available.

2) Role 2
Alice Roberts looks at gluten freed eatables, one of the fastest growing trends in British supermarkets. With the help of 30 volunteers, she tests the assert that some people atmosphere less puffy and more warn when they cut gluten from their regime. Plus, Tom Kerridge reveals how using garnishes, such as basil oil in soup, can permute quotidian dishes into something unusual, and Sean Fletcher explores the be engendered a arise of online cashback apps that can obviate a lot of folding money on the weekly shop.

3) Role 3
Alice Roberts tests the assert that drinking artificially sweetened drinks spur on people to eat more than they would have done had they consumed a sugary , while Sean Fletcher investigates whether it is usefulness paying for a importance produce when a folding money-thrift central surrogate as just as ok champion in terms of form and soup. Tom Kerridge heads in Glasgow to commend a viewer on preparing excellent Yorkshire puddings.

4) Role 4
Scientist Alice Roberts investigates the assert that processed marrow is causing cancer. Tom Kerridge reveals the lay away cupboard essentials that as a competent chef he won't be without and answers a cry for help from a viewer whose risotto always ends up a misfortune. Sean Fletcher pulls apart the ingredients in low-priced and precious mayonnaise to out if there is any proper diversity, and the order of the day reveals trial with that points to a match up of substances that could assert to be aphrodisiacs.

5) Role 5
Alice Roberts carries out an trial to assess the assert that chilies can help a living soul bested mass. In a sealed congress a volunteer eats a lunch containing chilli and one without and over the course of nine hours their metabolic velocity is monitored to spree any diversity in the intense of calories. Chef Tom Kerridge travels to Dunoon in Scotland to help a viewer cook the excellent steak, while Sean Fletcher examines nutritional labels on eatables packaging, highlighting why the contemporary modus operandi may be weakness in its objectives.

6) Role 6
Alice Roberts joins a assemble of diners to delight in a culinary go through with a diversity. Sensory gastronomy, the music, lighting and even the fettle of the plates are changed throughout the lunch to see what import this has on perceptions of how the eatables tastes. Tom Kerridge reveals the quietly to excellent roast potatoes and shows how to permute a unvarnished harmonious of fish into something unusual. Plus, Sean Fletcher investigates the ingredients in various sausages, comparing supermarket own-trade name central types with the precious importance varieties.

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* Video Oath: 1.778 (16:9)
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* Audio: English
* Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48 KHz
* Audio Channels: Stereo 2
* Run-Rhythm: 30mins
* Framerate: 25fps
* Add Up of Parts: 6
* Container Mp4
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* Authority: HDTV
* Encoded by: Harry65

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