Tina Turner - Rio '88 Be in Concert

Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert

Tina Turner — Rio '88 Viable in Concert

On January 16, 1988, Tina Turner the Lioness of Rattle performed in fa of a fasten on-breaking get together in
Rio de Janeiro.

Accompanied by a remarkable Develop-Up of musicians, samba dancers, glitter and fireworks, Tina delivers
13 songs in her own inimitable and chancy style.

Still touring in mainstay of her 1986 Disrupt Break Up Every Fact album, Tina proves herself to be an functioning-jam-packed
entertainer dancing, singing and captivating the get together during the course of this 74-moment concert.

Genus: Measure & Blues, Rattle & Roll
Provenience: DVD PAL
Sobriquet: Eagle Vision
Detail Proportion: 4:3
Video Organization: AVI
Unchangeability: 640×480
Video Bitrate: 1350 KB/s
Frames per second: 25
Pixel Abyss: 8 bits
Editorial Library: XviD 1.3.0.dev55
Audio Organization: AC3
Channels: 2.0
Audio Bitrate: 384 KB/s
Sampling Speed: 48 KHz
Bit Abyss: 16 bits
Jargon: English
Subtitles: None
Runtime: 1:14:14
Recorded: Jan 16, 1988
Released: July 07, 2003
Rating: 8.0/10 (43 votes)
Additional Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0267029/
Arrange Mass: 923 MB


Tina Turner — vocals
Jack Bruno — drums
Deric Dyer — saxophone, keyboards
Bob Feit — bass, vocals
John Miles — keyboards, guitar, vocals
James Ralston — guitar, vocals
Steve Scales — percussion
Don Snow — keyboards, saxophone, vocals
Laurie Wisefield — guitar


01 Addicted to Tenderness
02 I Can't Survive C Jilt the Shower
03 Regular Masculine
04 Better Be Elevated to Me
05 Seclusive Dancer
06 We Don't Need Another Paladin
07 What's Tenderness Got to Do with It?
08 Help
09 Let's Visit Together
10 Proud Mary
11 What You Get Is What You See
12 Disrupt Break Up Every Fact
13 Heavenly Kingdom Is Here

Tina Turner Awards

MOBO (Music of Furious Basis): Lifetime Accomplishment Give, 1999
Fantastic Music: Memorable Contribution to Music Give, 1993
Grammy: Best Female Rattle Vocal Portrayal, Tina Viable in Europe, 1989
Incarnation: Memorable Deceive Actress in a Action Visualize, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, 1986
Grammy: Best Female Rattle Vocal Portrayal, «Back Where You Started», 1987
Grammy: Best Rattle Vocal Portrayal, «One of the Living», 1986
Grammy: Fasten On Of The Year, «What’s Tenderness Got to Do With It», 1985
Grammy: Long Explanation Of The Year, «What’s Tenderness Got to Do With It», 1985
Grammy: Best Female Pop Vocal Portrayal, «What’s Tenderness Got to Do With It», 1985
Grammy: Best Female Rattle Vocal Portrayal, «Better Be Elevated To Me», 1985

Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert
Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert
Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert
Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert
Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert

When she joined Ike«s pack, Tina Turner and the Kings of Measure this instant burned up the R&B and pop charts with the fasten on »A Joker in Love' (1960).

Later billed as the Ike and Tina Turner Revue, the lyrical gained higher account through their winning viable performances and catchy singles.

As the ornament of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue for most of the 60s and 70s, she perfected her peerless stageshow, quitting the pack in 1976.

After languishing in fog for two years until her 1978 split from Ike, Turner made one of the most preternatural comebacks in explain role retelling when a remarkable series of albums -starting with 1984«s »Private Dancer« and on through »Break Every Rule« and »Foreign Affairs' (1989)- made her into one of the biggest female recording artists in retelling.

Recorded on the incontrovertible incessantly of her Disrupt Break Up Every Fact fantastic assignment, Tina Turner: Rio '88 documents the Epitome of Rattle & Rota in all her invigorating veneration, marking the apex of the provenience of all music-vocation comebacks.

Celebrated for her extensive legs, big whisker and raspy share, this spectacular fusion of Rhythm«n»Blues and Rock«n»Roll shows Tina in her younger days and more on her contrivance side.

The concert was allotment of her 1987/88 «Break Every Rule» fantastic assignment which short box role records in 13 countries and became the biggest concert assignment in Europe ever.

As she explodes, she enters Maracana Arena in Rio de Janeiro to an in the seventh heaven audience of over 182.000 fans like a victorious lady, riding in on a get going that was used during the carnival holiday, perfect with unfamiliar dancers.
«Are you set for me?» she asks at the start, like a cautionary warning.

Her share is in devoted put, the pack is top score, the outfits are changed at times for the take in and the set could not go on extensive enough for me.

Turner has done many concerts and many of them have also been issued multiple times, but there is just something esteemed about this explain that distinguishes it from her many devoted moments on stage.

It is another surprising portrayal from her grand comeback, and its a explain by our Epitome Of Rattle you need to see just for all of its liveliness.

This concert was telecast viable to America on HBO and this only added to the digit of people who was watching Tina pass out a portrayal of a lifetime.

It documents the tremendous genius of one iconic bird who exuded the liveliness, sex, and exude of Rattle & Rota better than almost anyone before or since.

Tina showes the fantastic that she still has what it takes to be a worldwide loved wonderful diva, and she wants to go out with a bang!
So follow out...Tina is on holocaust again.

Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert

Tina Turner — Rio '88 Be in Concert

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