The Power Behind the Throne - New Documentary (720p) {irish444}.mp4

The Power Behind the Throne — New Documentary (720p) {irish444}.mp4

Documentary — (47 Mins.)

The Power Behind The Throne

Is Britain truly a democracy, or are the unelected members of the empire the frankly patrons power players? The Power behind the Throne attempts to unravel this dirty work in which patrons protocol may be swayed by the wealthiest elite.

The mainstream media may on to romanticize it, but the actuality of a empire is nevertheless a troubling and old form. In the 17th century, Britain undertook a shocking internal war in an undertake to win their democracy solitary from the empire. Ever since that period — officially, at least — a prince or queen«s sphere of sway and power has been relentlessly meagre at best, especially in relationship to the country»s democratically elected members of Parliament. The citizenry are assured that the British empire has no actual patrons get over it in the customary functions of their assemblywoman rule.

Yet power is often synonymous with plenteousness, and the members of the Earl kindred are among the richest in the outback. The Queen's karma alone is estimated at somewhere in the neighborhood of $350 million pounds. Their ascensions, which are earned only by kindred affiliation, are further flattered by a slew of privileges not afforded to others, including their know-how to gather in tax-unbind profits from a sizable seven billion dollar catch portfolio and to circumvent paying corporation taxes on various trade interests.

As full in the pellicle, the monarchy's r in manipulating patrons protocol making became not guilty with the unveil of the «black spider memos», a series of faithful-winded written communications between Prince Charles and assorted rule ministers and politicians. These letters contained full viewpoints on a disparity of patrons issues, and efficacious recommendations from the Prince of Wales on how these issues may best be handled. The sycophancy with which these letters were received and responded to by representatives in the rule makes their sway self-evident.

According to the intelligence presented in the pellicle, the monarchy«s bag of sway doesn»t stopping-place there. They have their hands in a faithful company of additional avenues from global machination efforts to arms sales. «The Power behind the Throne» is plucky in its attempts to uncover the horrible truths behind a faithful-held obscure of secrecy.

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