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This is Sustenance with Lisa Ling: Series 2

Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by Lisa Ling, published by CNN in 2015 - English narration — 2-Cover.jpg


This Is Sustenance with Lisa Ling: Series 2
This Is Sustenance with Lisa Ling, returns for a second enliven for an eight-scene run. The series, which features Ling traveling across the surroundings searching for «ordinary people with unparalleled lives» and their «unconventional communities.»
In the new enliven, Ling gains apart from access to the children of Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints« witch and convicted criminal Warren Jeffs, the Mongol Domain proscribe bikers, the LA County Coroner»s commission, and The Evil Holy Place in Detroit. She also introduces viewers to Electronic Romp Music fans, boyish girls vying to be models, Richmond Megalopolis inmates preparing for a «Date with Dad» romp, and masterly pickup artists in Nevada.

1) Children Of The Witch
Two children of imprisoned Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints witch Warren Jeffs hand over their first ever tube interview.

2) Also Gaol Mongol Domain
Lisa explores one of America's most hazardous one percenter proscribe motorcycle consortium, the Mongols; examining what involvement they had, if any, in the May 2015 biker shootout.

3) Fatherless Towns
Thirteen inmates in a Richmond Megalopolis reform school are preparing for an unprecedented father/daughter romp dubbed the «Date with Dad».

4) Faces that Double-Cross
Aspiring models who trounce the odds and change it into the sedulousness soon learn that it is more challenging and not as magical as they thought.

5) Electronic Woodstock
Lisa joins a new fathering of electronic romp music lovers at a entertainment called Mysteryland in Upstate New York as she relives her days as a 90s raver.

6) Americas Busiest Coroners
Lisa talks to the dedicated men and women of the Los Angeles County coroner's commission on how they great amount with so much death.

7) The Seduction Tactic
Lisa Ling attends a boot encamp in the dust bowl that turns socially b men into pickup artists; she'll see what draws men to the pickup lifestyle and what they are really learning.

8) The Satanists Next Door
Lisa engages The Evil Holy Place, one of the most contentious meticulous groups in America, as they disclaimer and open a 1-ton marker, dedicated to Satan in Detroit.


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