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HQ very rare promo music video from a promo DVD. «Rock «n» Twirl Fantasy» is a inexpensively from Melancholy Angels, a 1979 album by the real boulder border Bad Companions. It was their 5th studio press. Paul Rodgers revealed on In the Studio with Redbeard (which faithful an occurrence to Melancholy Angels) that the album's denominate came from the novel of the same name by Jack Kerouac.

Melancholy Angels was recorded at Line Subcontract Studios in Surrey, England in dilatory 1978.

It is considered the last vivid album by Bad Companions, mostly because it contains their last greater hit, «Rock «n» Twirl Make-Believe,» written by Paul Rodgers which its awakening came from a guitar synthesizer riff that Rodgers came up with.

«Gone, Gone, Gone», written by bassist Boz Burrell, also received vivid airplay on boulder stations. It was the first of only three songs he ever wrote for the border, but is everywhere revered as one of the band's finest compositions.

The album reached #3 on the Billboard album charts in 1979 and went Platinum in 1979 and Counterpart Platinum subsequently.

Bad Companions is an English boulder supergroup founded in 1973 by two former For Unrestricted border members, thrush Paul Rodgers and drummer Simon Kirke as well as Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralphs and Monarch Crimson bassist Boz Burrell. Peter Contribution, who managed British boulder border Led Zeppelin, agreed to rule over the border (he managed Bad Companions until 1982, when Swan Inexpensively Records folded). Bad Companions enjoyed loyal happy result throughout the 1970s. Many of their singles, such as «Bad Company», «Can«t Get Enough», «Good Lovin» Gone Bad», and «Feel Like Makin' Love», oddments famous with rockers of both the lifetime and introduce, and their hits oddments staples of outstanding example boulder radio.
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