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Kevin McCloud's Stump to the Irrational: Series 1

Wanderings Documentary hosted by Kevin McCloud, published by Way 4 in 2015 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Kevin McCloud's Stump to the Irrational: Series 1
Kevin McCloud travels to inaccessible corners of the globule to join people who have relocated to the most surprising and unlikely places in continual after of a pared down existence

1) Tonga
The Notable Designs presenter sets out on a activity to upon out if a simpler actuality really can butter up a see people happier, origination by peripatetic to a compensation isle in the south Pacific archipelago of Tonga to join a British one's nearest who have forsake the rat type. Karyn, Boris and their three children lodge in an off-grid holdings, with no alternative wet or tenseness and mien career conventional threats from hurricanes and tsunamis. Kevin finds out how they deal with with these challenges and the cerebral trials of having just one another for company.

2) Chile
Kevin travels to the foothills of the Andes in Chile to join a one's nearest of five from south London who forsake the common travail to increase a new adroit in in the dusk of an occupied volcano. Kevin arrives at the situation on horseback to view that Jago and Lucy are still in the alter of constructing their new adroit in using bags filled with filth and lumber from the city forest, which they take by oxen. He is impressed by the order, but troubled by one key doubtful. Why prefer to lodge next door to a hugely mercurial volcano?

3) Belize
Kevin travels to Essential America to join British one«s nearest-of-five the Atkinsons, who have forsake London to lodge a simpler actuality in the rainforests of Belize. As he attempts to allow their motivations for the moving ahead, he suffers from the intensity, is attacked by swarms of harsh insects and shares his mud hut with a monumental scorpion, but begins to appreciate the rewards of a frank jungle spark of life, one in which they»ve constructed a two-story erection entirely from recycled rubbish.

4) Sweden
Kevin heads toward the Arctic Around to join Richard and Claire Rees, an daring Welsh combine who have given up their jobs and former lives to reside in a underlying knuckle-headed shanty in the snow-covered forests of northern Sweden. Living from start to finish off-grid, with no tenseness or continual wet, and fa temperatures that can go as low as minus 30C, entirely surviving is a impugn. Kevin helps with the strenuous, continuous common tasks of chopping wood and collecting wet from under the ice, knowledge that a cup of coffee can take an hour to butter up a see.


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