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Big Filthy UK: Series 1

Sort Documentary hosted by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Lindsey Chapman, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration


Big Filthy UK: Series 1
As component of Big Filthy Week, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and a group of naval enthusiasts adhere to the animals arriving and thriving in UK waters.

1) Whales Dolphins
In this first outline, Hugh finds out where we can collect the UK«s dolphins and whales. Hatchet Man whales, humpbacks and a superpod of over 300 bottlenose dolphins are all in the team»s sights. This summer, an far-out wildlife turnout is occurring all around the UK; our seas are attracting naval living from across the terra — and everyone wants a glimpse of our megafauna. Lindsey Chapman is following a superpod of 300 dolphins feeding in Cardigan Bay. She«s joining locals hoping to macula the sea»s biggest reveal-offs. Further north, the whales are arriving. Humpback sightings are on the escalating, but how casual is it to trophy one on film?

2) Sharks
Big Filthy Week continues as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall takes his regular dip into the UK«s far-out naval living. Hugh and the group are celebrating the tourist of our sharks. During summer over 30 species are create in the UK — including filthy sharks, smoothhounds and basking sharks — so where and how can they be spotted? Lindsey Chapman is on the investigate for mermaids» purses — shark-egg cases that are washed up on our shore. Can she also determine dwell shark embryos in amongst Devon's seaweed?

3) Seabirds
Hugh celebrates the wonderful naval living create in the UK«s seas as Big Filthy Week continues. In this chapter, Hugh»s concentration is on our seabirds. From gannets to guillemots, puffins to sirocco petrels — eight million seabirds fall on the UK seaside every summer. Hugh meets the cutest of all — puffin chicks, known as pufflings. He also catches up with the Big Filthy Dwell group in America. Richard Taylor-Jones corrects a commonly held mistaken belief — there is no such preoccupation as a seagull. Instead, the UK is haven to eight evident species of gull. But why have these birds become our feathered foes? Richard tries to metamorphosis their name as the explore of the seaside.

4) Seashore
Hugh and the group concentration on the UK«s seashore. What stealthily sea living is waiting to be discovered on our island»s edge? From seahorses to anchoress crabs, otters to oysters, limpets to jellyfish — our shore is busty of way-out and wonderful creatures. Hugh looks invest in at overlay footage from his infancy, reawakening his passion for poverty-stricken pooling. Wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor-Jones goes on the investigate for a naval horridness — the barrel jellyfish. He discovers that some of the lilliputian creatures create on our beaches are, in details, our sea's superheroes — raising the frighten to scientists investigating the even get somewhere in temperature of our seas.

5) Seals
Nearly half of the world's pale seals prefer to dwell in the UK. Hugh heads to the atoll of Lundy to determine out why pale seals are so attracted to living in the UK. Lindsey Chapman is portion to advent a stranded seal pup to the sea, and wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor-Jones is tracking down a set of average seals living in a surprisingly urban environs. Summer is pupping available for the average seal, but can Richard get a whack of these shy and skittish creatures?


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