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Special Forces — Concluding Sheol Week

War Documentary hosted by Freddie Flintoff, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration


Special Forces — Concluding Sheol Week
An concluding fortitude dispute as 29 of the UK«s fittest men and women are pushed beyond their screwy and mortal limits by fracas-hardened veterans from the world»s toughest Extra Forces.

Andrew «Freddie» Flintoff presents as 29 of the fittest men and women from all over the UK expression the concluding fortitude dispute. Over the course of 12 days, our «recruits» are pushed beyond their mortal and screwy limits by fracas-hardened veterans from the world's toughest Extra Forces, from the Naval Forces Seals to the British SAS.

Based on the extra forces' electing methods, every 48 hours the recruits are put through a set of challenges, each one designed to start the ball rolling a interrupt them down and every one more straitening than the last. In the end there can only be one conquering hero of Extra Forces: Concluding Sheol Week.

1) US Naval Forces Seals
In this first function, the 29 recruits tournament Ray and Woodie, two former members of the US Naval Forces Seals, who are about to put them through a beasting or «breakout» — four hours of PT amidst loosely continual chilled top hosing. And that's just the start. And so begins two days of sheol at the hands of our fracas-hardened Naval Forces Seals. Who of our 29 recruits will subject to and who will be sent home?

2) Israeli Yamam
29 started, now 22 odds. Function two sees recruits under the rule of former Israeli Yamam operative Itay Gil. He is looking for pungent governorship under restrictive oppression. Remorseless challenges follow-up in hospitalisation and fizzle. Recruits get up portray and slighting with Israeli self safeguard scheme Krav Maga, exert oneself to eliminate a Earth Drifter from a mud pit with their essential hands and are pushed beyond their mortal limits in a taxing strain attitude race.

3) Philippines Navsog
For the 18 unused recruits, Concluding Sheol Week is about to note an even tougher of dispute and worry. Lieutenant Dante Membrere is a serving political appointee in Navsog, the elite extra forces of the Philippines. The module is one of the most feared fighting forces in the Far East. Brand-New from tormenting genuine recruits in the Philippines, he will be looking to lay one's hands on the cowardly together in the corps, or virus as he calls it.

4) Australian SAS
After three burdening someone-to-burdening someone challenges, the 13 unused recruits are battered and bruised, doze-poverty-stricken and physically depleted. But they are about to expression their toughest dispute yet, all under the orders of Jason Falla, a former associate of the Australian SAS. For the first age, the recruits will learn what it is like to go behind the other side lines as they take yield in a military r carouse to help come up with a irregular army. Under Jason's eagle eyes, they will have to end up that they have the screwy gift to drive in unfriendly neighbourhood whilst marching through the blackness and fa the demands of the irregular army.

5) Russian Spetznaz
After surviving the first four remorseless training courses, the ten unused recruits are about to note a more psychologically challenging look — the age of the Russian Spetznaz Extra Forces, under the scholar of Sonny. With only 6 places available in next week's notable finishing, the recruits will have to portray on every ounce of their depleted reserves to turn into it through 48 hours of rigorous screwy and mortal testing. From carrying weighty weights for miles through the gruelling hills of south Wales to having their wits tested under restrictive screwy fortitude, the recruits will be patent down for the smallest misinterpret and any failing shown could mean not making it to the finishing. Who will be in the finishing 6?

6) British SAS
They have survived the introduction programmes of five of the world's toughest army units. Now, for the finishing, the unused six recruits will expression the concluding assay — 48 hours with the British SAS. Few are chosen and even fewer can antiquated the harsh screwy and mortal challenges that must be endured and triumphed over to typify a yearning of being selected for this most elite of forces. But at the end there can only be one conquering hero. Who has what it takes to take the legend of Extra Forces: Concluding Sheol Week?


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