The Bible - Walking By Belief pt5

The Bible — Walking By Obedience pt5

The Bible — Walking By Belief pt5

Are Your Garments Polished by Andrew Strom:
In this lecture, we learn how we are blessed by the New Covenant and what it means to pavement in Christ and linger in His ways of righteousness for unwavering existence. Through Obedience is how all Christians are saved yet most Christians are of different denominations with differing Faith«s! This highlights the biggest dilemma affecting Christian»s today. We are commanded to be of «One Faith», so whay are most Christians so assorted in «Faith»? Seldonly preached correctly from the pulpit, learn what the Christian obedience is and what should it comprise for salvation. This lecture is extremely recommended for all. God bless.

Uniqueness Turning-Point — Passion for Actually Ministries:
See Your Devoted Biblical Uniqueness. There is a fabulous awakening occurrence in these last days! Christians around the fraternity have been given a heavenly allure from the Religious Enterprise to come retire from to the roots of their obedience. Like the generous son, God’s people are returning diggings to their Framer, leaving behind the doctrines and denominations of man, and embracing their devoted uniqueness!

During the become prevalent of Solomon, the domain of Israel was split into two kingdoms. Both of these kingdoms were exiled into the nations because of their disobedience, but only one—the southern Kingdom—maintained its uniqueness and returned to the obtain. What happened to the northern Kingdom? Where are the demolished tribes? Now, with the advent of Christ, does it even matter? Has Israel been replaced by “the church?” Is God no longer the God of Israel? At The Last Moment, how do Gentile Believers fit in to all of this?

You might be surprised to see just how appropriate these pivotal questions are to your own existence. Solder Together us in this newly updated and extended teaching as we investigate one of the most awe-inspiring oracular events in the Bible! The be that as it may is now for God’s people to anchor to the devoted roots of their Christian obedience and turn in diggings. Do you pay attention to the call?

David Wilkerson — Exciting Your Mountain:
The mountain we must shake up is unbelief. Unbelief grieves the feelings of God and causes Him dolour. God does not wink at unbelief. There is a series of agonies we will go through that leads to a arise where we beseech the eventual praying.

The arise is Gethsemane. After fasting, praying and weeping we will cry just as Jesus cried, «Not my will but thy will be done.»
The conquest comes when we are altogether convinced of the passion of God.

Station Confiding Man’s Parley:
In this proffering, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis discusses the problems with falsely interpretating God«s parley in good book and embracing man»s ideas or explanations as if they are, should be or even cook the truth while using the Genesis birth as the admirable example. We need to let God say what He means and not man. When we need help in inderstanding what God is forceful us, we need to let Him draw what He means as written in the Bible -- look internally to the Parley, and not use outside explanations or reasoing like expertise or scholars in regular. Either we FULLY corporation in God and His unfailing Parley or we corporation more in man -- placing man on a higher base over God. We cannot decipher the Bible square with to us, we must square with to it. All corporation begins and ends with God and His religious parley. Christians need to start theory within the confines of God«s outlook and not from man»s. And that«s been an accelerating dilemma for the Christian community of present-day times which will later take the lead to the upcoming Gargantuan «Falling Away» as prophesied in the bible. We need to start testing all things as God commanded us to do, placing the bible first in arbiter government and fully confiding in His parley, then probe all good book and all of man»s required actually to it. If a contradiction ever apprears, then the dilemma rests in man«s interpretations -- NOT GOD»S! The rational all these various beliefs and different gospels are so prevelant today is totally due to most Christians not private how and even insufficient to probe these beliefs per the good book. And it«s up to us to suppose that out using God»s parley to anchor the dots for us. And yes, our salvation depends upon it.

Elysian Fields is for Actual (End and the Afterlife):
Many people state to have had visions of the afterlife during near-end experiences, some even state to have visited elysian fields and to have seen deceased relatives there. Are these experiences genuine? Can they be trusted? In this scrutinize we parallel these experiences with what the Bible teaches about elysian fields, end and the afterlife. Video by SureWordProphecy.

The Pauline Contradiction 5b Galatians:
Galatians is the “Holy Grail” of substantiate reputedly teaching against obeying the Law of God. Let’s interpret it together, from start to exterminate, and see if in vogue impression holds up. It is be that as it may to Probe Everything.

The Virus of Anti-Semitism:
Not all is what is seems in this fraternity and many are deceived. As the Bible tells us, not all who state to be Jews are Jews; Zionist Jews are not the actual Jews, although both an existence today. Do not let these deceptions clodpoll you into falsely accusing God«s chosen people for the problems which we puss today — that»s what they want you to think. This video will contribute the actual biography of anti-semitism and why it festers in . As with the Christian church, so too have the actual Jews of the Bible suffered at the hands of these satanists and this imitation postulate. As conclusive events up, we should all keep our eyes peeled onto Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6; Beseech for the temperate of Jerusalem: they shall flourish that passion thee.

The Sabbath Day:
This is a very stimulating lecture that thoroughly delves into the thesis of the Sabbath day examining its value. We«ve all been told that the Sabbath is now on Sunday. But how many of us have truly tested that? Have we truly examined the point of departure of this belief? Or have we just senselessly accepted what we have been taught over present-day generations based on the interpretations of man»s views of the scriptures passed down over the years? We at 119 Ministries gratuity this assessment of the scriptures regarding the one day that was given as a release and covenant for those who determine to ensure our Spiritual Framer.

The Unpardonable Sin:
To the stagger and mortification of many, our Saviour described a sin that is not forgivable. What does that mean? What is the sin? Is this something new, or already initiate in the Torah?

Be That As It May Our Creator's Annals — How To Evaluate First Fruits:
So you ensure His wine days...the next eccentric is to select when they chance. Unfortunately, there exists debates on this thesis. In this teaching, we probe how to select the timing of First Fruits and Shavuot.

What Jesus Said About Lore:
Should followers of Christ be distressed with keeping traditions? What do Jesus and the Bible say about this? Here's what the scriptures have to say about it.

After reviewing the substantiate, you should query whether you have or are being deceived and then ask why? Is this why the present-day church is being slowly given over to the heathens (because God is loosing composure) which will at the last moment culminize into the «faling away» habitat up the Gargantuan Tribulation?

Ye of Little Obedience:
A excepting video narrated by Alexander Scorsby on the distinction of Christian Obedience from the words verbal by Jesus CHrist onto us. A must aspect for all seeking the actually.

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