Sex, Serfdom, and Drugs in Bangladesh - Documentary.mp4

Sex, Serfdom, and Drugs in Bangladesh — Documentary.mp4

Documentary — 2015 (26 Mins.)

Sex Slaves of Bangladesh

«It«s a very bad smashing,» says a Bangladeshi lady as she lowers her noggin. «I wish I was not alive.» This junior lady is one of many such females who are confined within the walls of Daulatdia, the largest harem in Bangladesh. These victims of reproductive bondage million in the thousands. A endless lion»s share of them are underage and have been sold into bondage while the shire authorities look the other way.

Others think themselves imprisoned by the mortal of a profane because they have no other options in a hinterlands that otherwise offers them little possibility. Thousands of virile customers regular the harem on a habitually foundation, and the girls are stripped of their chance, their unchained will, or any empowerment or benefit in shaping their own fortune. «Men just come here, barter me simoleons, have their fun, and then take off,» another Bangladeshi lady proclaims. «I don't have anyone here who loves me.»

The new documentary Sex Slaves of Bangladesh, produced by DEPRAVITY Hearsay, goes prearranged the walls of Daulatdia, and uncovers an mise en scene rife with sentimental and reproductive defame, beneficent trafficking, rank narcotic use, and unsanitary box. The girls are injected with a steroid which makes them fuller-bodied, and in many cases, masks the manner of their underage significance. Their pimps are mostly women, or madams, who take most of what they earn.

The Muslim hinterlands of Bangladesh outlaws gambling, drugs and juice, and activities like sex before amalgamation are savagely frowned upon. The country«s laws bidding finical punishments and penalties for beneficent trafficking and the exploitation of underage prostitutes. Yet, Daulatdia is allowed to go with impunity. This is partly the denouement of lore. Dautatdia is owned by one of the region»s most formidable families, and the quickness has been operating since the British colonial while. But perhaps the larger ratiocinate lies is fiscal in nature; the sex assiduity in Bangladesh is quite utilitarian and lines the pockets of many of the area's most telling residents.

Sex Slaves of Bangladesh provides a painful look prearranged a smashing where girls as junior as twelve aren't afforded the most root of beneficent rights, and the corrupted organized whole which fails to act in the lineaments of their dishonour and torment.

Sex, Serfdom, and Drugs in Bangladesh — Documentary.mp4

Sex, Serfdom, and Drugs in Bangladesh — Documentary.mp4

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