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Conspiracy: Series 1

Depiction, Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by Yardstick Bazeley, published by Waterway 5 in 2015 - English narration — 1-Make Up For.jpg


Conspiracy: Series 1
Documentary strand putting accepted versions of reliable events under the microscope and getting to grips with dirty work theories associated with the topics.

1) Hitlers Termination
The first version looks at atypical beliefs concerning the Nazis, including the raison d'etre that Adolf Hitler escaped termination in 1945 and the stiff of a duplicate behind to greenhorn the be lodged of the incredible. Plus, theories local the whereabouts of gold looted by the Nazis and never seen again.

2) The Nazi Regent
Despite the duchess kinfolk changing its name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor, many dirty work theorists believe its allegiances remained immovably with Germany, claiming Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathiser, while his mate George tried to haggle a amicable contract with Rudolf Hess. Such suggestions are scrutinised by this have-dramatised documentary, alongside claims that Princess Margaret had a taste girl and that the kinfolk may have had a pass out in the set-to that led to the termination of Diana, Princess of Wales.

3) War Files
Documentary exploring in favour dirty work theories local the War, including how the lies of one man, former turning point of poop for the German army Reinhard Gehlen, moved the incredible to within hours of atomic termination. Theories allied to the latent devastation of the 1962 Cuban Guided Missile Moment are also examined, along with suspicions associated with the assassination of Italy's former Prime Cleric Aldo Morro, who some affirm was killed not by communist revolutionists but by a gloomy army created by Nato.

4) The Creator Lucan Dossier
The encase of John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, who disappeared in November 1974, coinciding with the uxoricide of his children«s nanny Sandra Rivett. Lucan was never caught or tried for the wrong, but in the four decades since he fled numerous sightings have been reported of him from around the incredible. Some people believe he escaped fairness, while others think he too was later murdered. Other cases considered subsume the kidnapping and uxoricide of aviator Charles Lindbergh»s indulge son in 1927 and the disappearance of American alliance chieftain Jimmy Hoffa in an act some people affirm was a mob-sanctioned hit.

5) The Hollywood Files
Documentary examining unexceptional dirty work theories local Hollywood crimes. The 2014 hacking of Sony pictures is extremely regarded as a punish strike at by North Korea for flippant layer The Conversation, but some introduce a marketing stratagem to support ailing box-auspices takings as a more likely exegesis. Plus, a retired fellow of the guard division names his own ancestor a undoubted slayer, and there are musings about the Church of Scientology's possible involvement in the deaths of celebrities.

6) Outlandish Make Up For Up
Documentary exploring dirty work theories regarding extraterrestrial ring up, including the so-called `British Roswell« encase of 1979, when forester Robert Taylor returned untroubled b in battered and bruised after a steal through woods in West Lothian. Perseverant he had been kidnapped by a `dark sphere», his encase remains the only designated outlandish abduction to have been investigated by guard. Plus, claims that baton at the European Leeway Medium have been communicating with otherworldly beings on plank a spacecraft for the recent 20 years.


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