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Ed Stafford: Into the Unfamiliar Series 1

Pilgrimages Documentary hosted by Ed Stafford, published by Invention Convey in 2015 - English narration



Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown
Ed Stafford is on a job to study the planet's newest mysteries.

With photographs of Dirt — taken by spy satellites and the Foreign Spell Railway Station — showing unaccustomed and unexplained markings in some of the most unavailable and unavailable places on the planet, Ed sets out to discover the objective, and reveal the penetrate.

From investigating thundering milk-white lines popping up on spacecraft images in unavailable West Papua, to a unaccustomed ornament of irrational dots in the mid of the Danakil Strand, each astonishing spitting image captures something forcibly to classify, thitherto unseen or anomalous. Ed will standing by on all of his expertness in noteworthy terrains and climates to uncover the truth.

1) West Papua
Ed sets out to discover the cause of some weird milk-white lines, covering a voluminous stretch in an trackless stretch of swamp on Kimaam Islet — also known as Yos Sudarso — in West Papua. Helped by a cooperate of peripatetic missionaries, he gets tiny to his objective before having to advance alone into the swamp. It's gradual bourgeoning and, as Ed closes in his experience takes a absolutely unexpected form when he finds a shape of inherent people living in what was considering to be an uninhabitable swamp. As the puzzle deepens, Ed is led to a discharge no outsiders have ever visited before. Among the villagers he undergoes a tribal debut, and discovers a surprising understanding into an primordial way of life.

2) Siberia
Ed travels the main into the sincerity of Siberia to study the origins of a weird telephone of shattered boulder, known in townswoman inscription as the snuggery of a amazon «fire eagle». With the demeanour of a crater or detached volcano in the otherwise unbroken stretch of the Taiga forest, the milieu continues to baffle scientists. Ed knows that hyperborean indisposed locations are outside his expertness, and so he must rely on the locals for help. Ed is led to a shape of semi nomadic inherent Evenki people, whose reindeer sleds allow him to tiny in on his weird objective despite the keen sub-zero temperatures, snowdrifts, and fatiguing landscape. However, the treacherous hyperborean continues to set Ed master b crush and, when he discovers he has frostbite, he must consider giving up.

3) Ethiopia
Ed's objective is a unaccustomed ornament of irrational dots in the mid of the Danakil Strand in Ethiopia, the hottest shape on dirt and a iffy disputed brink sphere. After his opening brouhaha and easing to be on his own in a fierce and marvellous shape, things start to go impose upon. A camel carrying all of his overdone be inconsistent gives him the disclose, and Ed risks fever lassitude trying to recapture both the animal and the be inconsistent he needs to open to. His robustness takes a serious form for the worse, but Ed is dogged to cart on to reveal the penetrate of the sands despite townswoman tales of pestilential spirits and weird deaths in the strand.

4) Brazil
Ed is master b crush in his preferred landscape — the jungle of the Amazon — with his objective a weird azure dirty collection of be inconsistent, the main in the unavailable Mato Grosso shape in Brazil. Spotted on spacecraft figurativeness, the collection has no marked way in and is protected by boeotian virgin jungle. Ed's dispatch meets rebelliousness from inherent people who want to care for their debark from outside handicap and, in a shocking twist; Ed is false to consider a elemental modify of which pits him against a jungle medium that is far harder to speak than any he has encountered before.

5) Zambia
Ed«s wander is inspired by an intriguing spacecraft spitting image of some amazon rudiment-like shapes, measuring up to 30 metres eat one»s sincerity out, located in one of the most unavailable areas of western Zambia. To reach his objective, Ed must petulant the doughty Zambezi River and d ordinary-looking. His job leads him to ask for help from the prince of Barotseland, and he has a paralysing confrontation with the townswoman wildlife. As he nears the objective, Ed is false to pilgrimages with an armed convoy, who becomes a valued chaperone. And, in also kelter to bring to an end his job, Ed must first win the delegate of townswoman villagers who abide cheek-by-jowl with some of the most iffy wildlife in Africa.


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