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Superfoods: The Legitimate Black Lie Series 1

Principles Documentary hosted by Kate Quilton, published by Means 4 in 2015 - English narration Lie-Series — 1-Cover.jpg


Superfoods: The Legitimate Black Lie Series 1
Everything«s a superfood these days, isn»t it? Broccoli, blueberries, sunless chocolate, coconut oil... But, of course, you can't believe everything you be familiar with. Longevity-boosting claims cajole demolished clickbait, but how many of these stories are backed by strong evidence?
Gloomily, it«s flinty to tell; in our news-saturated age, it often feels like principles knows more about the Higgs boson than about the healthiness benefits of the goji berry. Provisions Unwrapped»s Kate Quilton hopes to identify some grains of reality (wholegrains, presumably), as she grills nutrition experts both received and complementary.

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Kate Quilton investigates the purported healthiness benefits of superfoods, rendezvous unsurpassed scientists, nutritionists and dieticians to learn which are significance the small change. She begins by find out whether kale has a quiet power that could help the eye, discovers if grapefruit can help clash fat, and uncovers the reality about sugar substitute xylitol and looks at whether it could actually be assets c incriminating evidence for teeth.

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Kate tests the credentials of three aspiring superfoods, examining whether berries are as nutritious as they are made out to be, and which specimen is the best. She then investigates if detox drinks containing charcoal can unwrap a weekend of superfluity, before traveling to Uganda to identify out if the comfit potato could be spirited in the clash against malnutrition.

3) Be Involved In 3
In this chapter Kate investigates the purported healthiness benefits of three more superfoods, find out how quinoa fares against rice in the fray of the grains. She also reveals whether a specimen of algae called spirulina is significance adding to diets, and asks if broccoli really can help in the clash against cancer.

4) Be Involved In 4
In this settled chapter Kate tests the credentials of three superfoods that many people believe can help with the insensitivity, the blood and the gut. She reveals whether fermented out swig kefir can help keep a debilitating digestive plague at bay, examines if omega — 3 oil-potent fish is as assets c incriminating evidence for cardiac healthiness as is claimed and goes to immoderate lengths to identify out if wheatgrass really can oxygenate her blood.


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