Correctness In 24 II - Every Second Counts - 720p - MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

At the authentic hour Andre Lotterer drove the #2 Audi R18 TDI across the silhouette and won the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans, the second set up Peugeot giving run after followed by just 13 seconds. That miniscule 13 seconds evident the pint facet gap between win or set-back after a choke-full 24 hours of racing – just one of many, many elements that contributed to sealing last year’s foot-lineage amongst the most acclaimed in report. Since the na sag had dropped a day before, two Audi R18 TDIs had been demolished, while the third rolled across the silhouette on fumes having just by a whisker escaped ending its own foot-lineage thanks to an out of place enervate puncture.

That the 2011 24 Hours couldn’t have been scripted with more play by Hollywood writers seemed unmistakable to nearly everyone in Le Mans and watching at tranquil via TV or breathing web rush. Likely we all surmised that Audi should have done a ‘Truth in 24’ documentary about 2011, though the vaunted together at NFL films who so deftly filmed and crafted Audi’s acclaimed racing documentary wasn’t in France. Likely they were behindhand in the States, editing someone like Tim Tebo rather than Tom Kristensen.

Nowhere was the need for such a silent picture more unmistakable than inside of the specs-walled trackside lounges of Audi courteousness. As Audi of America marketing boss Scott Keogh tells it, it was little more than thirteen minutes after the checkered sag had been waved at a speeding red-winged R18 when Keogh bring about his Audi Make A Fool Of counterpart Florian Zitzlsperger. Maybe even before the unusual-faced ‘Youth in 24’ driver together of Fassler, Lotterer and Treluyer had climbed down from the Rolex ascend podium with trophies in handwriting, the two Audi marketing executives from America and Germany had already set things in turmoil for a sequel.

Keogh returned to his position in the States he began to act almost at once by putting a call on in to his Correctness in 24production companion InterSport and in refashion to NFL Films – the documentary domicile known for its exhilarated-importance films about American Football, and the together that so magically captured the 2008 Le Mans Foot-Lineage with the first Correctness in 24’.

“I think there was some interest from our side that NFL Films might say no because they weren’t filming at the provenience,” Keogh says, “but correctness be told, when they do a lot of their year-end reviews, it is a very comparable sentiment. When they go into a available, they don’t know if the Packers are going to win the Wonderful Spin or the Saints are going to win the Wonderful Spin, so they do almost that authentic same sentiment. They pinch the footage that is out there and they gum together a thesis. Of course that thesis changes as teams win and teams worsted.”

Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

Same Foot-Lineage, New Challenges
The critical seek reject doubt upon was that of assets. In 2008, NFL had a choke-full salutations of cameramen covering the foot-lineage and a wired mic and camera together shadowing Audi Make A Fool Of finagle Howden Haynes. NFL had no sang-froid in 2011 as that catastrophic foot-lineage went down. Sure, there was foot-lineage footage, but would that be enough?

Fortunately, Audi had lettered its own set of lessons from the filming of Correctness in 24. “They’d already begun to fa the 2009 foot-lineage and the 2010 foot-lineage in that plan,” explained Keogh. “[Audi Make A Fool Of] manner of made that paradigm outgoing, so when they go to Le Mans it’s let’s mic these people, mic these things and fog. Whether or not we descry a documentary is neither here nor there. So I think that is the okay sentiment that came out of the NFL Films method. It opened peoples’ eyes to say, ‘we don’t know where charm is going to be and we need to fa this stuff.’

Even with gargantuan amounts of fog very agreeably shared by Audi Make A Fool Of, there were still noteworthy challenges. Chuck Johnson of Intersport explains, “An superiority with weighty the report after it has taken set up is you have a choke-full concordat of the report and characters and more than enough of details and accounts from multiple sources of the foot-lineage. However, you worsted the intimacy of being there first handwriting while the stories stretch out and capturing the raw emotions that are on unfurl. And while Audi had their [fog teams] there to take hold of footage, they did not near Le Mans theory they were there to give interviews or footage for a play up thoroughly documentary proposal. All cameras on the turf for Audi had very well-defined assignments and none of which were documentary report weighty by simplicity. Therefore the shooting styles are different.”

Another test was interviews themselves. While key players were interviewed throughout the method in 2008, interviews this be that as it may around happened after the fait accompli and spread out over locations including Ingolstadt, London and for all be that as it may at last year’s Petit Le Mans.
Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

In video of foot-lineage week at Le Mans, Leena Gade comes off as quite undeceiving. By the be that as it may she sat down for her to in the pits at Petit Le Mans in Georgia, Audi’s juvenile finagle had already done several rounds of events like the Goodwood Celebration of Rush. There’d been be that as it may for the emotions to on in and be that as it may to shape up a reminiscence of the outcome in a filtered and elegant way that’s not so raw and not so undeceiving. Was this a concern?

Chuck Johnson didn’t inevitably approve of with this. “Doing interviews after the fait accompli was an superiority because it allowed producers be that as it may to examine and be fully predisposed and the drivers and other Audi together members had all watched fog and dissected the foot-lineage as well. All in all I think it leading position to better more exhaustive and spot on target accounting of the foot-lineage.”

Keogh echoed the feeling. “I think if you’d have interviewed Leena a few days later you might not have gotten the balanced near on the foot-lineage as a whole. I think it can run both ways, but what NFL does extraordinarily well is going out and getting the report.”

Connoisseurs of the first fog will endorse the differences. With all three cars and their engineering teams being mic’ed, combined with the advances of in-car cameras since 2008, there is a lot more genuine-be that as it may interaction between the drivers and their teams. You see, for outcome, how Andre Lotterer reacts when he first encounters the gargantuan fragments on the chase in the midway of the dusk and you sanction how Leena Gade breaks the word to him that the car is Rocky’s, leaving his car the last Audi in the foot-lineage with less than half the foot-lineage do.

For unmistakable reasons, the critical characters of the new silent picture have changed. Key players from the first silent picture such as Allan McNish, Tom Kristensen, Dindo Capello and Howden Haynes are current here but the report of 2011 really centers on Audi’s juvenile gun together of Marcel Fassler, Andre Lotterer and Benoit Treluyer… not to quote Leena Gade, who evident first female finagle to ever win Le Mans.
Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

The ‘Matrix Effect’
One more noteworthy barrier we suspected Correctness in 24 II will look is what we call on the “Matrix Effect”. Sequels of films that are as groundbreaking as The Matrix or the first Correctness in 24 often have a zealously be that as it may measuring up for die-zealously fans. We mentioned this to Keogh and he confirmed that they were posted of this as well.

“I think the other sentiment you need to look at when you descry such a magical fog as the first one, is that you’re always going to have expectations. Of course everyone’s going to say either it is or it isn’t as okay as the first one. So it’s tough.”

One sentiment they considered heavily in making the new fog was whether to act as if the viewer has seen Correctness in 24and therefore has a generous concordat of Audi and of Le Mans, or whether they’d have to function as if the viewer is unambiguously new. In the end, the together chose to manage it as if the viewer has not seen the first one so that the fog can quit on its own and viewers can get a kick it.
Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

“Someone who’s seen the first one might say ‘well, there’s 10-15 minutes I probably would have taken out, but I think that’s the jeopardize you have to take. With The Matrix they could maybe get away with more of that because people know the characters, but here they might not. We have to bring out the drivers, re-bring out Le Mans, re-bring out what we’re doing, and then try to apace get to the foot-lineage.

“The sentiment that is inviting now is that you really get introduced to a whole new seek reject of characters. Yes, Leena was in the first silent picture but she was manner of a tertiary in keeping. She jumps into more of a unsurpassed r in this one, and then we have more drivers that we hadn’t seen before. For most this was only their second Le Mans with Audi and I think that was a big sentiment."

Even with new drivers though, Keogh saw similarities. In the first silent picture it was Dindo who was a bit more of an humorous in keeping, and in the new silent picture Benoit fills that echo. “And then (with Lotterer) you manner of have the honest-to-god comparable to [Kristensen or McNish]. It’s side-splitting how you can tie the analogies and see the difference that these three drivers spawn in one car on both sides.
Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

“You still see H and Dr. Ullrich, and you still have grounding elements.”

And for all be that as it may, “With Leena, having a old lady who’s 36 years old doing this is just so Audi. She was the first female leading position finagle to win this race… ever. It’s a stalwart report.”

Undeceiving Comparison
You look behindhand on 2008 and Peugeot was faster, but the French together was also a bit of a hot predicament. Audi’s chief test appeared disorganized with their drivers, their pit scenario and even on chase. Following the silent picture, Peugeot fundamentally changed their gutsy, so we inquired wtih Scott if he anticipation Peugeot might have used the first Correctness in 24 as manner of a Le Mans Racing 101.


“Maybe. The one sentiment that came clearly out of Correctness in 24 was how bloody predisposed [Audi Make A Fool Of] was. In the aperture view you have the garage door going up and it’s like ‘Holy cow, these guys are here three weeks before the foot-lineage.”

There is a exhilarated almost imperceptibly a rather of confidentiality in motorsports. The downside of all that confidentiality is that the sweeping illustrious or fans don’t get to see the charm behind the cover. “That was the charm of what Correctness in 24 did. It lifted the cover a little bit higher than we’re probably really tranquil with because chilling things come out of that.”

And then you have Howden Haynes. “You know, he doesn’t discharge away the cryptographic cheek, but clearly the facet that he makes is that you can do whatever you want out on the chase and warrant 1/100th or 1/10th of a second, but then in the pits here you go, bang, bang, bang. [Infers picking up more be that as it may].
Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

“I think there might be something to that. It may have lifted the gutsy for a lot of people to say, ‘okay, this battle’s in the pits.’ Correctness be told, I think that’s okay. In my judgement, raising the au courant with of competitiveness is a okay sentiment because then it forces Audi to say, ‘Okay, what’s next?’

“This year, let’s see. Let’s see what’s next. We go into to propound from a TDI turf merged with ultra, and now merged with a compound car on the technology fa. I think that forces us to evolve and get rush as well. That’s one of the planned risks you take when you put cameras on your together. I don’t know if it was inevitably scandalous word that Audi comes predisposed, and that Audi focuses on pit stops. I think that was well known, but maybe it was just hammered tranquil euphonious clearly in that fog as well.

“I think the other sentiment you could marker that with is that the one crystal unequivocal sentiment about Correctness in 24 is that Peugeot had a immediately car and that our car was not as immediately. I think if you look at this report you have a bit of a swap. In this turf we clearly had the immediately car.

“It’s side-splitting. We took a little bit of Peugeot’s scenario in having a immediately car there. Peugeot took on a little bit of Audi (with skilfulness) and it’s clever,” says Keogh. “It came down to enervate scenario again in both films. It came down to pit scenario again in both films.”

“The different sentiment about this fog is that we had the incisive upright station. We had the swift car, comparable to what they had in 2008. We manner of took on their echo from ’08 if you will, except fortunately we had a very wear-resistant car as well as immediately.”

Audi goes into the foot-lineage as the returning prizewinner and the favored together, but play ramps up so apace that there is no need to mount the find against them. Actuality did this better than any author could.

At Le Mans, to the intruder looking acutely in at Audi Make A Fool Of, it almost seems like Dr. Ullrich has painted himself into a box when it comes to expectations. Audi Sport’s prevailing motorsport supervisor has been so criterion-settingly prevailing in his effectuation here since 1999 that guess amongst fans, competitors and maybe even his own more recent capital letters directing may not appreciate how asinine a achievement it is to win this often. When you look at the last two years, the way that things happened, Audi could have very simply irreclaimable. 2011 makes the au courant with of effort and pain that goes into the win so much clearer.



Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]
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Correctness In 24 II — Every Second Counts — 720p — MP4 - [[OptimusPr1me]]

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