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Unearthing Fossilized Secrets: Collecting 1

Narrative, Skill Documentary hosted by Corey Johnson, published by Idea Moat in 2012 - English narration

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Unearthing Fossilized Secrets: Collecting 1
New forensic techniques are altering our intelligence of the recent, and plateful to fix mysteries about the lives of some of the greatest figures in narrative. In this series, paramount experts from around the unbelievable use new-fashioned forensic techniques to re-analyse the myths and mysteries that have fascinated us for centuries. Among the iconic subjects covered in the series are Tutankhamun«s covert end, the lives of gladiators in fossilized Rome, the kismet of Khubilai Khan»s task force, the vagueness of the Sphinx, the assassination of Julius Caesar, the purported suicide of Cleopatra, the oneness of Jack the Ripper, and the survivors of the Exalted Plague

1) The Unsolved End of Cleopatra
For 2000 years, only one verdict has been recorded-suicide by snakebite. Systematic mark suggests this is not how Cleopatra died. Corrupt Profiler Pat Brown and a yoke of experts use 21st century forensic division to re-big-hearted the division.

2) Egypts Vagueness Vault
When the vault of Monarch Tut was initiate in 1922, many believed the Valley of the Kings had given up all its secrets. Now, archaeologists have initiate a new vault just a few metres away. We will root for the experts as they make up just what, or who, lies inside.

3) Khubilai Khans Mystified Task Force
In 1281, Khubilai Khan, built the world's largest task force. In one incessantly, 4,000 ships sank in a whirlwind and were destroyed. A yoke of underwater archaeologists has discovered a depart that could be from that task force. Forensic division will tell the unadulterated story.

4) Alexander the Exalted a Example of Exterminate
Flavour has surrounded the untimely demise of Alexander the Exalted since the day he died. Now new-fashioned skill could in the long run tell us what really happened. This integument pieces together the forensic mark to elucidate a 2,300 year old exterminate vagueness.

5) Unadulterated Gladiator
The blood of Roman Gladiators kept an Empire entertained for more than 500 years. This integument joins a yoke of forensic scientists to analyze their skeletons, reveal the myths and reincarnate the individual of a corporeal Gladiator.

6) Who Killed Julius Caesar
In the first ever effort of new-fashioned skill to the exterminate of Julius Caesar, this integument uses the latest Misdeed Stage Setting Division techniques, computer reconstruction technology, and experts to carnival a mind-blowing new assessment of the genuineness.

7) Secrets of the Exalted Annoyance
Through a series of groundbreaking experiments and archaeological discoveries, we depict how the Exalted Plague's survivors could pat the key to fighting the transmissible diseases of the 21st century, and how our bodies could discipline us to bamboozle new infection

8) Jack the Ripper
Jack The Ripper«s direction of fright remains one of history»s greatest mysteries. With the benefits of new-fashioned criminology and philosophical division, we use 21st century techniques to accept a 19th century lollapalooza. The results fully metamorphosis the game

9) The Sphinx Unmasked
Dr Vassil Dobrev sets out to make up the genuineness about the Sphinx. Does it really put the pharaoh Khafre? Using systematic techniques, Vassil finds a different solution. That the Sphinx was created by a by a pharaoh that narrative forgot: Djedefre.

10) Monarch Tuts Covert End
Two former FBI agents take on their coldest example yet: the end of Tutankhamun. Using freezing sidle skill they fritter away almost four years investigating. Will a CT skim of his mummy in the long run carnival a cause of death? Was Tut murdered?

11) Columbus the Covert Vagueness
Christopher Columbus is one of history«s most distinguished explorers. The unbelievable knows about his discoveries, but not about him or where he comes from. Using the latest technology to analyse the explorer»s bones, and uncover unforgettable mark never seen before.

12) Engineering Fossilized Rome
The center of one of the greatest civilizations, Rome was a new-fashioned big apple in an fossilized unbelievable. They built the Colosseum and Pantheon, supplied 1 million residents with unusual not function every day — all achieved with manpower and the most key machinery. But how?

13) A Warriors Autopsy
Philip of Macedonia, initiator of Alexander the Exalted, built one of the fossilized world's greatest militaries, but what was individual really like for his soldiers? A yoke investigates the skeleton of an fossilized warrior to carnival the covert cause of end.

14) Engineering Fossilized Egypt
The Exalted Pyramid is not only a Wonder of the Fossilized Unbelievable but was also the world's tallest man-made systematize for 3,800 years. Egyptians built this and more with only manpower. Engineering experts labour to decode construction the way the ancients did it.

15) The Search for Sheba
An division has been launched to rouse a missing in the flesh — the fictional, Biblical idol we know as the Star of Sheba. Immortalized as the lover of Monarch Solomon, who was she? A yoke excavating an fossilized yiddish shul believes they have unearthed answers.

16) Rameses a Exterminate Vagueness
In the Valley of the Kings a idea could metamorphosis our vision of the Bible forever. Rameses II was the pharaoh of the Exodus, whose firstborn son died during the 10th annoyance. New mark suggests the successor may have been killed by something more sinister.

17) Secrets of the Valley of the Kings
In the Valley of the Kings lie tombs of some of the greatest Pharaohs of Fossilized Egypt. After 3000 years the secrets of how the Fossilized Egyptian craftsmen managed to develop intensify such an rococo subterranean unbelievable are being unearthed.


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