Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Eccentric [2001][SkidVid Gold XviD] [skirgsk]

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JENNIFER LOPEZ — AIN'T IT REMARKABLE [2001][SkidVid Gold_XviD], single/video released July 2001.

Disc rip, no logos, edited and encoded 720x540 XviD
hots included in file.
«Ain»t It Funny« is a Latin pop long story written by American nightingale-songwriter Jennifer Lopez and Cory Rooney for Lopez»s second studio album, J. Lo [2001]. It was produced by Rooney and Dan Shea and was released as the album«s third foreign segregate in the bull»s-eye of 2001.

The music video was filmed in sepia-modulation and directed by Herb Ritts. The video features Lopez mobile on a method, then she finds a gypsy, who shows Lopez her to be to come with the cards. The gypsies later over Lopez making her one of their own. Then Lopez finds a man she couldn«t preclude, and falls in proclivity with him. In the bull»s-eye of the video, there«s an extended th set, in which she dances in a Spanish [flamenco-influenced] unimaginative. Later all the people there start dancing together, including Jennifer and her lover. Lopez»s proclivity percentage is played by Mexican soap opera actor Eduardo Verastegui.

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