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Thief Trackers Series 1

Branch Documentary hosted by Juliet Prew, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Thief Trackers
Picaroon Trackers tells the exclusive of what becomes of commonplace possessions when they are stolen, and how the coppers and members of the manifest use bitter-causticity technology to engagement back.

1) Business 1
Hi-tech tracking technology reveals where stolen items are taken. A DVD actor is stolen from a grant bag outside a London welfare boutique, and the tracking observations reveals that the picaroon lives -away. Plus a Lancashire smartphone picaroon is run to territory by a society of the latest GPS tracking technology.

2) Business 2
Hi-tech tracking technology reveals where stolen items are taken. When a childlike female is robbed of her laptop, the tracker reveals its snooping passage around London's drama locale. Plus the the coppers delineate how they caught a rogue fracas metal relationships as he chopped up stolen memorials.

3) Business 3
Tracking technology reveals where stolen items are taken. Two bicycles stolen in London are traced to the East End, where one is on the puss of it sold to an immaculate colleague of the manifest. Plus a Sunderland old lady helps to jailbird orbrit also gaolbird the vendor of a stolen smartphone after buying it online for £300.

4) Business 4
Tracking technology reveals where stolen items are taken. A smartphone is stolen outside a bustling borough heart cafe and disappears into the backstreets of Soho. Plus a Bucks-based dogged helps Interpol to smash a set of thieves after a stolen motorbike is tracked from London to Lithuania.

5) Business 5
Hi-tech tracking technology reveals where stolen items are taken. When a tombstone computer is stolen and sold to an immaculate colleague of the manifest, the search is on to retake it. Plus a Lancashire woman«s tracking observations helps to jailbird orbrit also gaolbird the picaroon pilferage ornaments and toys from her son»s grave.

6) Business 6
A intriguer handbag is stolen from a restaurant and is tracked to flats in south London. Plus two have-a-go heroes delineate the risks of tackling bicycle thieves puss to puss.

7) Business 7
A car is flouted into and a smartphone stolen, with the picaroon tracked across the East End of London. Meanwhile, the coppers and tracking officers corner a privateer who steals a immense tractor and goes on the excitement in West Yorkshire.

8) Business 8
Frightening footage reveals the techniques used by a indirect female picaroon on the flowing in London who steals handbags from the mindless. Meanwhile, West Midlands The Coppers forget down Birmingham's dimmest second-exclusive, who committed repudiate-ins after his issue from approved school wearing a GPS-based ankle tag.

9) Business 9
A south London picaroon makes off with a camera, unsuspecting that he's being tracked! Meanwhile, a the coppers functionary turned pet detective recovers a kinfolk terrier stolen from outside a shaft office.

10) Business 10
A set of thieves usurp a bicycle in coarse full view, unsuspecting that the bike is being tracked! Meanwhile, the coppers working at Southampton Docks blow in in the take of on one occasion to retard a stolen Vary Wayfarer being exported to Africa.


Technical Specs

* Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4.1
* Video Bitrate: 3032 Kbps
* Video Complexion Proportion: 1280 x 720
* Video Deliberation: 1.778 (16:9)
* Audio Codec: AAC LC
* Audio: English
* Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48 KHz
* Audio Channels: Stereo 2
* Run-On One Occasion: 29mins
* Framerate: 25 fps
* Slews of Parts: 10
* Container Mp4
* Business Enormousness: 650 MB average
* Authority: HDTV
* Encoded by: Harry65


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