Light-Skinned Zombie - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie [Promo Music Video VOB's

Bloodless Zombie — Let Sleeping Corpses Lie [Promo Music Video VOB's]

This is a very HQ uncensored promo video chrestomathy for the confederate «White Zombie» which i am a brobdingnagian fan of :)
They are extracted untouched from the «Let Sleeping Corpses Lie» promo DVD9

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie is a business-spanning five-disc box-set of the confederate Bloodless Zombie. It is named after the 1974 Italian animus coat

of the same name.

The set contains a remaster of every album and E.P. released officially by Bloodless Zombie from 1985 to 1996, including six non-album songs,

on four discs. However, not every flap the confederate recorded can be set up here: obviously retire from are «Black Friday» and «Dead or Alive», the two

songs added to the 1989 cassette re-let off of Gods on Voodoo Moon. The fifth disc is a DVD containing all nine of the band's music videos

along with ten persist performances.

This DVD contains a few easter eggs.

The replete in detail coat Bloodless Zombie starring Béla Lugosi. To access the talking picture, hand-picked appellation 5 on your DVD slim or DVD menu.

Alternate conception of the «Thunder Canoodle '65» music video that can be accessed by selecting hunt for 2 on the promo video in this chrestomathy

since the files are untouched and only extracted, hunt for 2 is included.

In June 2011, in an vet with Metal Hammer periodical, Rob Zombie was asked why Bloodless Zombie split up, in which he replied: "It had run

its course. Achievement is a big feeling that you can never layout for, because it affects everybody differently. I don't want to condemn myself or

anyone else in the confederate — it«s just that the confederate didn»t industry any more. Rather than continuing on and making shitty records and having it

all in apart , I rationality «Let»s just end it on a important point'".

Bloodless Zombie was a Grammy Present-nominated American intolerable metal confederate. Based in New York Borough, Bloodless Zombie was from the word go a shivaree reel

confederate. Bloodless Zombie are better-known for their later intolerable metal-oriented normal. The gang officially disbanded in 1998. In 2000, Bloodless

Zombie was included on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Inflexible Reel, ranking at No. 56.
(video do not have any logos)

Bloodless Zombie — Let Sleeping Corpses Lie [Promo Music Video VOB's] folder contains:

1. Bloodless Zombie — Dismal Sunshine [promo].VOB
2. Bloodless Zombie — Energized Superintendent Pt. 2 (The Delight) [promo].VOB
3. Bloodless Zombie — Pasture Subsist the Gods [promo].VOB
4. Bloodless Zombie — I'm Your Boogieman [promo].VOB
5. Bloodless Zombie — More Forgiving than Forgiving [promo].VOB
6. Bloodless Zombie — Wonderful-Charger Welkin [promo].VOB
7. Bloodless Zombie — The One [Halloween Countdown, 1996].VOB
8. Bloodless Zombie — Rail At Canoodle '65 [promo].VOB
9. Bloodless Zombie — Welcome to Planet Motherfucker [promo].VOB

and 3 jpg's


Enter properties info for all 9 promos using Media Contestant Notable:
Video : MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 4700kbps
Audio1: Digital Theater Systems (DTS) Digital 48000Hz 6ch 1536kbps
Audio2: Dolby Digital AC3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps
Duration: 00:00:00 (mixed)

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SgtRlee (Sgt.R.Lee)
*I only have the DVD9 with the these 9 promos and 10 persist videos.

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