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Tough Rides: India

Voyages Documentary hosted by Colin Pyle and Ryan Pyle, published by Voyages Furrow UK in 2014 - English narration


Tough Rides: India
Also known as The India Propel. When Canadian brothers Colin and Ryan Pyle completed their not for publication-breaking circumnavigation of China by motorcycle in 2010, they intellect it would be their last horrendous hazard together. In August 2012, they were privately on the course again, this stretch on a go abroad around India. Fifty-four leathery days later, they«d traveled 14,000 km, driven on some of the most treacherous roads in the to the max across deserts and over mountains, in vociferous rainstorms and almost unsupportable impassion. They»d visited some extraordinary places, including the resplendent Propitious House Of God at Amritsar, the baffling Karni Mata House Of God at Deshnoke, the spotless River Ganges, and the purlieus of Buddha«s enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. They»d compounded the dangers of the course by paragliding at Manali, made a absolute cup of tea in Darjeeling, met some astonishing people, and well-trained that almost nothing in India is what you upon it to be. In The India Propel, Colin and Ryan take us with them as they marching orders themselves to new limits on a voyage of recognition that most people will only ever speculation of making.

1) Delhi to the Himalayan Foothills
Colin and Ryan Pyle set off from Delhi on their iconic Indian King Enfield bikes for an epic hazard. They will cap 14,000 kilometres over 54 days in a girth of India. Neither Ryan nor Colin has ever been to India before, much less ridden on nonsensical roads well-proportioned of liturgical cows and jam-packed cars. Their go abroad begins by winding their way north up into the foothills of the Himalaya. They skipper over exacting mountain roads to Manali, the offbeat entertainment wherewithal of India, before navigating over a embarrassing mountain archaic, 4000m above sea plain, called The Rohtang Archaic...

2) Pakistan Trim to the Horrendous Indian Unpeopled
After surviving India«s treacherous mountain roads, the Pyle»s gourd to Amritsar, domicile to the tranquil Sikh Propitious House Of God and the flighty Indian — Pakistan Trim. The day after day tick off lowering decorum is a humongous carnival, with spectators on either side of the trim cheering for their several side. Heading down from the mountains, they common sense the last of the monsoon rains and co-sign India's Horrendous Indian Unpeopled of Rajasthan.

3) Rajasthan to Mumbai
Colin and Ryan Pyle are in Rajasthan, prominent for brightly painted ch hotels. The first thwart in the impassion of the Indian unpeopled is the to the max prominent rat house of god in Bikaner. Colin doesn«t last very yearn among the rat infestation and soon after is hit with a bad anyhow of «Delhi-belly». After recovering from scoff poisoning, they gourd to south to Mumbai: domicile of Bollywood and the world»s worst shipping jams. Navigating through Mumbai, Ryan has the first disaster of the go abroad.

4) Southern India
On their go abroad down the Indian south west coastline, the Pyle brothers scourge Mahindra«s mega car mill, and Colin takes the proof to become a car mill blue-collar worker. Ryan recovers from his first be overthrown of the operate, he»s not seriously affront but his bike is in need of restoration. After another dead decline on Ryan«s bike, Colin starts to indubitably Ryan»s riding know-how. By day 29 they reach India's southernmost essence called Shawl Comorin or sunset essence, where they see the sun go down on the half-way yardstick of their epic go abroad.

5) Madurai to Kolkata
Madurai is a 2000 year old megalopolis and one of the world«s oldest inhabited cities. As the go abroad continues north up the east coastline of India, the blood bath on the roads continues. A side operate to an elephant shelter in Odisha showcases the pulchritude of India»s citizen parks. Forth to the Bay of Bengal and Kolkata, where Colin and Ryan Pyle scourge a health centre and credo for the curtain run by the Seva Organizing. The Seva Organizing has restored the eyesight of over 3 million people in Asia and Africa; here the Pyle's catch how sudden turnaround cataract surgery can ...

6) Darjeeling to Delhi
Darjeeling is the tea wherewithal of India, Ryan and Colin Pyle conterminous with an army of tea pluckers whose thin on the ground b costly tea, picked under the well-proportioned moon, fetches over USD$900 per kilo. The last leg of the operate takes them to Bodhgaya, the birthplace of Buddhism, and then it«s off for a dip in the Ganges River at Varanasi, before heading to Agra and the iconic Taj Mahal, the world»s most prominent mausoleum. For Ever after 54 days on the course, the Pyle brothers attain privately at the India Opening in Delhi to end their epic leathery propel around India.


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