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The Curriculum Vitae of Scottish Art

Arts Documentary hosted by Lachlan Goudie, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration.

Artist Lachlan Goudie traces the unfolding of Scottish art from the Neolithic Era to the dole out day, and looks at its striking on the oecumenical art in seventh heaven.

1) Living Perilously
Lachlan Goudie visits the O-Ring of Brodgar in Orkney, a stone circumscribe that has stood for thousands of years. He also encounters the Westray Chain, an on occasion-worn figurine on the eyot of Westray that is the oldest sculpted humanitarian participate in the British Isles. There is also a look at the urbane art of the Picts and the Gaels, the in seventh heaven Rejuvenation span of the initially Stuart kings, and the ruination of the Reformation, when fastidious artworks in Scotland were all but wiped out.

2) Find the Easygoing
The 18th century heralded the greatest blossoming of Scottish artistry in its record. The most substantial and authoritative figures in Britain clamoured to have their portraits painted by Allan Ramsey and Henry Raeburn and their houses designed by Robert Adam; they stood in awe at the epic Highland landscapes of Horatio McCulloch and wept at the reactive fashion paintings of David Wilkie. In this cover Scots artist Lachlan Goudie explores how the thinker coup d' of the Enlightenment and the model pull of the continent gave these artists the poise and the incitement to hang paper a whole new artistic countryside. From dusty storerooms of Edinburgh to the bright antiquities of on occasion-worn Rome this will be a progress of disturbing contrasts: between the recent and the unborn, between the forces of dissuade and exoticism, between Presbyterian delimitation and unfettered passion. Out of the ashes of the Reformation a new customs agreement was day one to come forth and it was built on art.

3) Recusant Hearts
Lachlan Goudie, explores how, at the accouter e come of the 19th century, Scotland«s artists challenged the traditions they had inherited and, embracing new ways of seeing and painting from the Continent, revolutionised Scottish art. From the Glasgow Boys» snug bucolic realism, to Arthur Melville«s brilliantly hypothetical watercolours; from Hill Bagnio, Charles Rennie Mackintosh»s «total employment of art», to J.D Fergusson«s pioneering Scottish modernism, this siring transformed the way we saw Scotland»s countryside and agreement.

4) Crave Horizons
The climactic scene of this noteworthy series explores how, over the last 100 years, Scottish art has wrestled as never before with questions of agreement and exploded like a visual firecracker of different ideas and styles. During the last century, Scottish artists embroiled themselves with some of the most moving and lively art movements ever seen — provoking, participating and creating inspiring works of art that have port side an singular legacy. Lachlan Goudie discovers how artists such as William McCance attempted to bring about about a Scottish rejuvenation in the visual arts, while a inventive diaspora of artists such as Alan Davie and William Materiel would court wrangling and conduct pivotal roles in the revolutions of postwar art. Crave before the «Glasgow Miracle», the Glasgow Faction of Art was reliable for upholding a very different obliging of practice, of which Lachlan«s pater was proud to be a share. He discovers how artists such as Joan Eardley helped to bring about the burgh to individual, just as John Bellany did for the fishing villages of the east shore. Rebels such as Bruce McLean help detail how conceptual art would come to conduct such a stocky r in the Scottish art of today, and Lachlan meets one of the world»s most overpriced living artists, Peter Doig, to delve into the complexities of what it actually means to be a Scottish artist in today's stock exchange-dominated art in seventh heaven. He finishes his epic progress on the Isle of Lewis with a substantial castigate to arms for the continued appropriateness of Scottish art today.


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