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Bodyshockers: Nips, Tucks and Tattoos Series 3

Fettle-Medical Documentary hosted by Katie Piper, published by Furrow 4 in 2016 - English narration — 3-Cover.jpg


Bodyshockers: Nips, Tucks and Tattoos Series 3
From tattoos to piercings and big boobs, Katie Piper meets people planning outstanding substance modifications, and people who've already had them and be remorseful over it. Can they sway the newbies to think again?

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Katie Piper meets 33-year-old liquidate Jo, who is turning the blade on herself in an permanent start known as scarification. The pr also features Chantelle, who regrets her 32 paired-F implants, a Brighton wench who lopped off her nautical port ear lobe, Jack from Bristol with X-rated inkings, and a man who is blowing his allotment monied to look like a parrot.

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Katie meets Grimsby barman Lewis, who is seeking to get rid of a worrying tattoo of Henry the Hoover above his intimate parts. The pr also features funny-register artist Louis, who wants to brand name his latest toil onto his peel. Plus, a Christian fishmonger who regrets a Jesus inking meets a replica planning to have a nightmarishness skeletal moth tattooed across her chest.

3) Relatively 3
An physical lover who has had her eyes tattooed louring to look like a horse, and her vernacular split to caricature a double-crosser. The pr also features a former social gathering wench who wants to ditch her paired-F boob job, and a mistress who wants to too her breasts by six cup sizes. Plus, a Birmingham mistress buys her partaker a sub-dermal insert, while one lady wants to evade her tummy tattoo, and another seeks to have an cosy inking removed.

4) Relatively 4
Carry Out Kimberley, who turned to the community and throng-funding to bring monied for a boob job, and Paul, who is covered in tattoos from guv'nor to toe and regrets every one of them. The pr also features Ander, who has thousands of piercings in an feat to prescription his needle distaste, a wench with shaming inkings, and a tattoo virgin who wants to ink her unconditional substance.

5) Relatively 5
Katie Piper meets a Spider-Man lookalike with an anchored idea for substance modifications and a accoucheuse with a passion for multiple piercings, who wants a supersize indentation in her ear. The pr also features a dad who regrets his substance modifications, a mum who is desirous of for bosom implants, and a learner who wants to ditch a `dirty and reckless' affair from her past.

6) Relatively 6
Katie Piper meets a mistress with a surgery-release key to enlarging her assets — inflatable N-cup breasts. The pr also features Glen, who has vowed to metamorphose his wife«s substance from off-white to louring, and a mistress who regrets an eyebrow bring that has nautical port her seeing paired. Plus, Julian cannot toil out why he had such protruding pec implants, and a lass cautious wants to thumb one»s nose at her mum with kind tattoos on the backs of her legs.

7) Relatively 7
Katie meets more people who passion or detest their substance modifications, including Malcolm, who gets a skull design scarred into his peel, and a mum with a crumbling nose job, who is going under the blade again to get it anchored. Sisters Karyse and Deanna design union nose jobs on the same day, while Georgia wants to get rid of a tattoo she got after a stygian out. The pr also features a mistress who regrets getting her breasts enlarged from an A to a G cup, and a man with substance toil ambitions that are out of this world.


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