Various Artists - Communiqu To Dearest (The 1970 Isle Of Wight Festiv

This 135-notes documentary of the 1970 Isle of Wight Carnival, which was released in 1996, is (along with Monterey Pop) the finest pic or video of any of the «60s/early-»70s sway festivals.

Captain Murray Lerner had 26 years to collect the m, and achieved an ironic distancing from the stuff that makes this a lot more watchable than Woodstock. Add to that the fait accompli that most of the acts customary to both were playing better (and had a better seem approach to m off of) here than they did at Woodstock, and you«ve got a must-own video. The key upshot wasn»t so much the carnival itself, but the fait accompli that it collapsed of its own albatross, as counterculture kids, resenting the fait accompli that tickets to the three-day upshot rate about three pounds (clumsily $8.00 American), overwhelmed the fences and the gates and swarmed in, assuring that few artists got paid and that the promoters departed a prosperity.

Some of the performances are very sizeable (Leonard Cohen, doing «Suzanne»; the Who, in what was probably their best carnival hint, doing «Tommy»; Miles Davis in a too-brief rate), others historically fundamental (the Doors in their waning days doing «When the Music«s Over» and «The End»; Jimi Hendrix in his closing concert hint, 12 days before he died), some merely riveting (the Sulky Blues singing «Nights in Spotless Satin»; Self-Ruling, on the eve of stardom, doing «All Right Now»; Drop) and one or two unconditionally bizarre (Kris Kristofferson leaves the make up during «Me and Bobby McGee» because of disturbances in the audience, and a bearded one-off interrupts Joni Mitchell as she»s singing «Woodstock,» and attempts to smacker her), and two are unconditionally uncomfortable (Minute Tim, Donovan).

Where Woodstock runs over three hours and feels like three days, Report to Infatuation, with a lot more humor and trustworthiness over the ludicrousness of the times, runs just over two and feels just under. (AMG)

01. Slate Start
02. Introduction
03. Jimi Hendrix — Report To Love
04. The Who — Uninitiated Man Blues
05. Self-Ruling — All Right Now
06. Drop — Boy
07. Minute Tim — There'll Always Be An England
08. John Sebastian — Red Eye Express
09. Donovan — Attract The Wind
10. Ten Years After — I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
11. Ruin Row
12. The Doors — When The Music's Over
13. The Sulky Blues — Nights In Spotless Satin
14. Kris Kristofferson — Me & Bobby McGee
15. Joni Mitchell — Woodstock
16. Joni Mitchell — Big Yellow Taxi
17. Miles Davis — Designate It Anything
18. Leonard Cohen — Suzanne
19. Emerson, Lake & Palmer — Pictures At An Exhibition
20. Jimi Hendrix — Gismo Gun
21. Jimi Hendrix — Voodoo Juvenile (Offence Bring)
22. Joan Baez — Let It Be
23. Jethro Tull — My Sunday Feeling
24. No Fences
25. The Doors — The End
26. Awesome Grace
27. Jimi Hendrix — Astute Lady
28. The Who — Exposed Eye
29. The Last High-Minded Event
30. End Credits

Extended Pic Idea Including Adittional Tracks

Jimi Hendrix — Purple Haze
Emerson, Lake & Palmer — Rondo
One«s Nearest — The Weaver»s Answer
Drop — The Gambling Man

Captain: Murray Lerner

Mark: Sanctuary
Released: 1997
Catalogue: SVEM0040

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Covers Included (600dpi)

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