La Bouche - Music Videos (Greatest Hits) - DVD

La Bouche — Music Videos (Greatest Hits) — DVDLa Bouche — Music Videos (Greatest Hits) — DVD
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Format: DVD5, DVD Video, MPEG2, AC3
Inexpensively: Uncensored Collection
Species: Eurodance
Duration: 2:01:15
Year: 1994 — 2001
Video: 720x576 (PAL 16: 9), 25 fps, MPEG — 2, ~ 4489 kbps avg, 0.433 bit / pixel
Audio: 48.0 kHz, Audio Coding 3, 2 ch, 192 kbps

Extras. Info: La Bouche — a forecast of the well-known German auteur Free Farian. In its source arrangement included Americans Melanie Thornton (Melanie Thornton) and Lane McCray (Lane McCray). The first pick from the premiere album Wild Dreams in 1994 rose to 13th situation in the rating of the US Billboard Hot 100 and 1 ranking gambol music US Gambol Plot.

A year after the extermination of Melanie, in November 2002, it has been inclined for story tribyutny pick, In Your Biography, recorded in the studio of Free Farian, but not published earlier. Then the stalk was rewritten again with vocals Cayo Shikoni, former soloist of the assemblage Le Click, which was a «relative» of the duo La Bouche, as supervised by the same auteur assemblage. Pick with vocals Melanie Thornton was released in 2002 in the Concerted States — in 2003. The pick hit the Billboard combine plot Hot 10 US, and in combining, hit the top ten Gambol Airplay.

1. Be My Lover (European Model)
2. SOS
3. I Preference To Love
4. Wild Dreams (US Model) (Old Rap Model)
5. You Will not Overlook Me (Source Model)
6. In Your Biography (Source Model)
7. Bolingo (Preference Ss Nn The Air)
8. Fallin 'In Love
9. A Time Of Love
10. Be My Lover (US Model)
11. Wild Dreams (European Model)
12. You Will not Overlook Me (Bordello Mix'97)
13. In Your Biography (RockAmerica Remix)
14. Be My Lover (Squiffed Dash Mix)
15. Wild Dreams (US Model) (New Rap Model)
16. You Will not Overlook Me (Big Red Mega Mix)
17. In Your Biography (Dezrok Combine Clean Up)
18. Be My Lover (DiscoTech Mix)
19. You Wont Overlook Me (Remix)
20. In Ruins America Megamix (Wild Dreams, Fallin in Preference, Be my Lover, I preference to preference)
21. Get Along — Wild Dreams (Die Mondschein-Posture)
22. Get Along — SOS (ZDF Hitparade, Germany)
23. Get Along — Be My Lover (MDR, Damals War's, Germany)
24. Get Along — A Time Of Preference (Plot , Germany)
25. Get Along — Wild Dreams (Festivalbar)
26. Get Along — You Will not Overlook Me ( Regenbogenfete, Germany)
27. Get Along — SOS
28. Get Along — Wild Dreams (Sopot Anniversary)
29. Get Along — Fallin 'In Preference ( Regenbogenfete, Germany)
30. Get Along — Be My Lover ( Regenbogenfete, Germany)

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