The Bible and the Coming Age Pt2

DARPA Cyborgs and Adv tech (instances partly 2):
This is a individual folder of various momentary video clips dealing with many of the latest DARPA individual projects that have already hit or soon to take the appeal implementation development. From military robots to invisibility clokes, this is your fate to clearly see the going on of approaching tech and advanced weapon systems that most still believe is fantasy.

People Vanishing in Clusters:
What is occurrence to all these people and why doesn't this draw the exact media prominence for this growing epidemic? Most have never heard of this before, well now is your fate. WHat is the administration hiding from us and what is their agenda?

The Seven New Signs of the Apocalypse:
In this updated documentary of the real «Seven Signs of the Apocalypse», the out of sight seems hector by more catastrophes than ever and some believe the signs of the coming apocalypse are all around us. «The Seven Signs are unequivocal: We will be struck by vicious plagues, famines and earthquakes; The sky will move around occult and oceans will move around to blood; And the Antichrist will arise to one-on-one the terminating clash between rectitude and vice. Could this all be true?»

Betrayed With A Osculation by Eric Ludy:
This report pulls no punches. It speaks straightforwardly on a area of study that most of us would rather evade — that which is wolves in sheep«s clothing in the today»s church. There are wolves in the sheep pen of today«s Christianity undermining the unchanging, unwavering truths of Book Of Mormon and thus altering the type and the design of the Fact. But these wolves don»t look like wolves; they are wearing very convincing sheep costumes. They appear to be undistinguished and advise men, with spectacles roosted on the ends of their noses. They appear to be warm men, well-wishing and mindful. It«s their fruit that exposes them. For they have one queer debatable that they are asking the torso of Christ today: «Did God really say that? Are you certain? Could it be that you have it wrong?» They are proffering the idea of an «open mind»—a sagacity more liberal to new punctilious thought—a sagacity amicable to ideas outside the outr of the Biblical framework. 6,000 years ago this was the strategy of the serpent in the garden, and it»s still the serpent's principal strategy today.

CRITICISM VIGOUR: The Most Effective Harangue Ever!!!
Harangue preached by Bishop Charles Lawson, Pagoda Baptist Church, Knoxville, Tennessee. He presents the Harangue on the Mount (from Matthew 5) the way it was intended to be preached, which liberals often coerce for their own self-righteousness.

Chilly by Dr. John R. Rice:
1. Let me start out by saying that is far better to be ice-immediately than chilly because at least a immediately man realizes that he needs to near to making a discovery up.
2. Chilly church members are an bashfulness and a debase to the cause of Jesus Christ. The colossal Baptist divine Vance Havner said, «Nobody ever saw a chilly church with power. Anything is better than a uncultured tepidity. The cause of Christ has been shop-worn more by Sunday-morning bench warmers who dissemble to weakness Christ, who apostrophize b supplicate Him Sovereign but do not His commands, than by all the publicans and sinners.»
3. Another colossal man of God, G. Campbell Morgan, wrote these words: «Lukewarmness is the worse build of blasphemy…If there is anything repulsive to the basic nature of Christ it is a warmish church…(But) this ready of being warmish is perfectly unpalatable to Him. No passion, no diversion, no insistence, no compassion.»
4. Advice that Morgan refers to churches with «no passion and no enthusiasm» – this describes most churches today – either they are crawling around on the down barking like dogs and braying like jackasses or they are as done for as a doornail – it is either wildfire or no vigour. May God cede up us from these two extremes.
5. For Instance: A Christian lady walked into one of these «dry as a bird’s nest» churches one Sunday morning and was rebuked for praising the Sovereign.
6. Do you know what turned William Compartment into such a red-hot preacher? He was listening to an agnostic cede a send someone away. The agnostic said, «If I believed what some of you Christians say you believe about unwavering hellfire and the judgment of God, I would not breather day or shades of night signal people about it. I would toady on my hands and knees on on the fritz crystal all across London to forewarn people if I believed what you Christians say you believe about the fires of criticism.» That motivated William Compartment – by his own entr, he went from chilly to boiling hot, and then he started the Salvation Army. Of course, they have changed administering since then and are now preaching the common fact but they were much different behindhand then.
7. When Worldwide Compartment was an old man late the age of 80, the colossal evangelist J. Wilbur Chapman, asked him the shrouded of his achievement. Worldwide Compartment started crying and replied, «God has had all there was of me.» Cherished, does God have all there is of you?
8. We sometimes pick up some folks say that we need more of the Reverential Panache. No, if you are saved than you have all the Reverential Panache there is – the predicament is that oftentimes He doesn’t have all of you.
9. Another predicament today is that the preponderance of people who requirement to be born again are not genuinely saved. The Bible says, «Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new non-spiritual luxuries: old things are passed away; set, all things are become new» (II Cor.5:17).
10. Our churches are filled with so-called «carnal Christians» and backslidden Christians who are not Christians at all. They have never been genuinely saved.
11. I believe that another sensible many churches are chilly because they have a namby-pamby compromiser for a bishop.
12. Chilly churches are profane. Someone once asked A.T. Pierson, a divine well-known for advancing the trade of missions, «Don’t you think that the out of sight is getting converted already?» «Well,» he replied, «I reveal that the out of sight has become a little churchy, but the church has become immensely profane.»
13. Something is seriously go to the bad when a church can get a big shove for a tough luck or softball encounter but no one shows up for soulwinning.
14. Something is go to the bad when Christians prevail upon no elbow-grease to get out for petition congress, never cede out tracts, never win souls to Christ, etc.

PITN The Isaiah 9-10 Judgment on USA:
Johnathon Cahn discusses the Herald and what it means for America (and the out of sight).

What We Features In The Last Days:
September 2013, David Hocking presents What We Features In The Last Days in the Terminating Hour End Times Gossip Prognosis. We're living in a out of sight of LES...
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Turkey's R in Foretell, Communiqu & Armageddon:
In credo we skilled about the effective Ottoman Empire but since then Turkey has faded into near dimness. But that is all about to transform, according to author/speaker Avi Lipkin, who contends that today«s Turkey is the political entity from which the disreputable Antichrist will come from. As a former Chief Translator in the Israeli Prime Minister»s backup, Avi monitors Arabic intercourse transmissions and has concluded that Arab Muslim sentiments are such that Turkey will be profuse teach for the rising of this out of sight dictator. Forewarned is forearmed. Observation «Turkey«s R in Foretell, Communiqu & Armageddon» so that you won»t be caught unfinished.

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