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Eurasia” represents a spectacular chance, a visual subjugation of the East in 8 episodes. A magical voyage through chance and blank, exploring the information, mores and religions that connector East and West: from the Persian Empire of Alexander the Horrible to the whopping Mongolian Empire of Kublai Khan, the destinies of extremely developed civilizations intermingled until they converged to take the form of a Eurasian mores shared by all of us. Babylon, Persepolis, Ai-Khanoum, Baghdad, Rome…are almost recreated with supreme realism by computer generated images.

Protected by its horrible impediment and by three thousand years of information, the Midst Territory felt forever protected from invaders. That was counting without the hordes of nomadic horsemen who came from the Mongolian steppes, commanded by Kublai.

The horrible Kublai Khan, grandson of Gengis Khan, was born in 1214. He was the very incarnation of twelve centuries of invasions of seated civilisations by nomadic people.

His horrible purpose was to executed the subjugation of the northern parcel of China – which his grandfather had started – by defeating the southern parcel of the hinterlands. To him, China was more than just an empire: Kublai’s end was to seize a civilisation and create it his own. Since the day one of its three thousand-year-old information, China had kept to itself. When conquering Siang Yang, Kublai Khan became the only ruler of the Midst Territory. From then on, China, Turkestan, Persia and Russia had been in harmony in one Empire, under the expert of the Mongol princes. For the following century, the newly established Yuans house would go on with in the time-honoured napkins of the old Chinese dynasties. Kublai the Nomad carried the flamboyant wrap of the Chinese emperors and adopted their ritual protocol.

For the first chance in its information, the Midst Territory opened to the outside the world at large and established honest relations with Persia and the West. The Mongols, who had secured protected orifice for the caravans, opened both transcontinental routes, which had been closed since the end of antiquity. Travellers from Europe could from then on take either the Southern which led through Persia to the Screw Entrance, or opt for the Northern from the Crimea, crossing the south of Siberia reaching China via the north.

In 1275, a Venetian mogul mobile through Tai-tou, asked to be received by Kublai Khan. His name was Marco Polo who wrote in his memoirs about his levee at the Kublai’s mansion, describing the magnificence and glitter of his court. Kublai died in Peking in 1294 at the age of 80. It had taken seventy years for the Nomadic horsemen from the steppes in engage to create the day-illusion of Alexander the Horrible come genuine: tie the East and the West.

The Episodes will be uploaded as followed:

1)Alexander The Horrible Conquers The World
2)Search After For The Forgotten Alexandria
3)Ghandhara The Resurgence Of Buddhism
4)The Romans In China
5)The Silk Means Unites East And West
6)Baghdad In The Year 1000
7)Jerusalem 1227 The Excommunicated Peace
8)The Mongol Conqueror Kublai Khan’s Dream

: The Mongol Conqueror Kublai Khan’s Dream
Year: 2004
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