Syd Barrett - 1966-1968 - Wondering & Dreaming Vol.1

Almost 4 years ago I firm to total first outstanding DVD compilation of all Syd Barrett materials in pronouncement. The first set was called “Ultimate Collection” and “released” in 2009. Then later i updated this to Rev.A in summer of 2010 and then “Dope” footage appeared, so that was the ancestry of Rev.B ?
But this period all is different. You just need to leave away all my too soon DVD’s, because this period I used non-compressed sources for this anthology, they are also more and more upgrades appeared last period. I firm to total the most accomplish sketch, using all available sources (for example there was 4 versions of “Jugband Blues” with different audio and sketch, 2 versions of accomplish “Look Of The Week”, because I can’t on what’s the provenience is the best etc.)
This is 3 DVD set covering the most foremost years in Syd and set description – 1966 to 1969. I also added 4th DVD as extra with affiliated palpable (for example, how more Floyd collectors actually seen prototypical backdrop skin from UFO & Roundhouse days called “Speak” by John Latham ?)
More liner notes in DVD menu’s !
This compilation also affiliated to HYGIY series.

I would like to thank all people who help me in this work up: Pete M, Ron Toon (& Harvested), Captain Bronstain for his technological help & diligence, Dent Jones for his wonderful covers.

Anticipation you are get a kick !

(c) Hallucalation, 18-09-2011

Syd Barrett

Wondering & Dreaming
Vol.1 (1966-67)

1. Syd's First Hop — Summer of 1966

Refuge Movies, Gog Magog Hills, London

Summer 1966 (antique misleading as summer of 65!)

8mm movies by Nigel Gordon showing one of the first Syd's
mushroom hop.

This was appeared on collector«s stock exchange in 90»s.

One of the sources is probity VHS & other is total by Harvested.

Thanks Ron, Thanks MOB!

2. «San Francisco» by Anthony Grave, 1968

Anthony Grave developed the concept of the impressionistic documentary

with the making of this BFI financed skin.

The skin features a very antique prospect of Interstellar Overdrive.

Recorded at Thompson Own Recording Studios on 31 October, 1966.

Skin actually appeared in 1968.

3. «Tonight Let's All Total Dearest In London» — Floyd bits, 1967

As we pulchritudinous knows, Pink Floyd recorded own music
for the soundtrack of this skin on 11-12.01.1967

Soundtrack LP (as skin) released in 1968.

For the first period i included barring talking picture excerpts with
prototypical «Interstellar Overdrive» version

4. London 66-67 (Japan printing & More)

1) 11/12.01.1967 - Sturdy Techniques Studio
2) 30.12.1966 - UFO Club
3) 17.01.1967 (??) — Commonwealth , London (??)

Lively in studio perfomance of 2 songs: IO and Nick's Boogie.

Both recordings made for the underground railway talking picture "Tonight Let's
all Total in London" (see too soon chapter). Filmed by Peter Whitehead.

Released in 1994.

Also skin intercut with concert footage of floyd, 14 Hour Technicolour Imagine things turned out,
The Emigrate & John's Children footage also included.

Some technological info about Japan prospect:

BMG Laserdisc > Strange Virtuoso > Strange Recorder > DVDR

-A comparision between the BMG Laserdisc & the Snapper DVD-
DVD from BMG Laserdisc: 1994 Hathor / See For Miles
Video Bitrate: ~8.3 Mbps
Video Set Off : 704 x 480
Audio: Dolby Digital 48k sampling @ 256kbps
Exhaustively: 29:42

Snapper DVD: 2005 Hathor / Pucka Records
Video Bitrate: ~6 Mbps
Video Set Off : 720 x 480
Audio: Dolby Digital 48k sampling @ 224kbps

Exhaustively: 29:18

(c) Pschnob

Seeing various documentaries, i set rare bit, that deleted from skin.

It's included here.

Also 1994 promo + VH1 box you get as complicated extra :)

5. Syd's Noiseless Refuge Movies — 1966 or antique 67

Don't slow down your soup too stiff! It was extremely seen & available
snippet of one of Syd's refuge movies
(broadcasts in two documentaries, at least!).

Where it was nip & place still a ambiguity.

Probably it was nip in autumn of 66,
or antique 67? Need to approximate Syd's photos from this dates.

Syd Barrett

Wondering & Dreaming
Vol.2 (1967)

1. Vista Express (Granada TV, 27-01-67)

Pink Floyd's perfomance was filmed on 27 january
and clips of «Interstellar Overdrive» and audio of "Matilda's
Mother" were used in Granada TV documentary arts outline,
which you set on this DVD.

Transmission on the Granada ITV network on 7 february at 10.25pm.

It also included coverage of the shameful Albert Meeting metrics reading in 1965,
perfomance art at the Roundhouse, a «happening» in Picadilly Circus and
interviews with various underground railway figures including Jim Haynes, Barry Miles,
John Hopkins & Paul McCartney.

(c) Glenn Povey

Some Technological info:

Accomplish transmission was taken from 2nd epoch VHS ,
to this day it was best calibre in pronouncement.

Non-voiceover prospect actually comes from Granada TV archives,
unfortunately audio of antique prospect of «Matilda..» not survived
without voiceover.

Excerpts are included here for best get a kick and for fully sketch of
London Underground

2. Dope talking picture (Jan. or Feb. 67)

Filmed by underground railway filmmakers Diane and Sheldon Rochlin
for their skin «Dope».

Before summer of 2009, actually no one floyd collector
knows about this footage.

It was big their heels for all fans.

Barring footage of UFO Confederate also included
(& deed. 1 second of further floyd footage!)

Girlfriend: still strange. And music ! Some UFO regulars says:
it was Ritzy Motor!
3. Die Jungen Nachtwandler (24.02.1967)

24-02-67 - At An Advanced Hour authenticate with Brothers Grimm and skin shows.

Pink Floyd's perfomance of «IO» and indefinite scenes of UFO Club
were filmed by German TV on this evening for involvement in
one-hour documentary arts outline entitled
«Die Jungen Nachtwandler — London unter 21», that also featured
The Who. It was transmission on the Bayerischer Rundfunk TV
network on 3 July 1967 at 11.00pm

(c) Glenn Povey

Director , thankfully, comes to me very recently.

It was best ever of this footage.

Best VHS provenience included here for factual behoof only.

See The Who doco «Amazing Journey» i set footage
in UFO confederate, that NOT used in prototypical documentary.

This is very brief excerpts of John «Hoppy» Hopkins and
John «Junior» Wood from Tomorrow band.

Strange set in converge — actually Ritzy Machine

4. Arnold Layne (Promo video, at an advanced hour feb. 67)

A promotional skin for their first single.

Filmed at Wittering Strand on the south seashore
of England by Derek Complicated,
this promo premiered at the UFO confederate on 10 Cortege, 1967.

Provenience of director (?) is strange, but 16:9 prospect are taken
from «A Tecnnicolour Dream» DVD.

Filmed — at an advanced hour february 67 or very antique cortege.

5. Strand Refuge Movies (Buoyancy of 67)

Intriguing footage of Syd and The Pink Floyd
constant along a strand and also viewing through a prospect-finder.

They all look light-hearted, and the footage is merged with scenes of thin out.
1min. 56 sec

The footage of Syd on the strand is taken
from the Pros & Cons 1984 EPK video
(at the origin of the documentary,
some brief scenes of Syd appear as incrustations;
they were zoomed for the montage)
and other barring extracts that were transmission by MTV
during the 1988 Over The Close Off express (when Rick talks about Syd).

Filmed in buoyancy of 67

(c) MOB

6. Abbey Means Refuge Movies (April 67)

8mm refuge movies filmed outside of Abbey Means Studios.

Filmed probably by Arrest Mason.

Girlfriend is still under the mistrust, but it's looks like April 67.

Thanks «Harvested» Again

7. Bouton Rouge (Arnold Layne second promo, 29-04-67)

Some floyd's collectors (including me, haha)
some time ago thinks, that this are probably from
«Fan Club» programm, but this is not correct.

Promo was made in England at antique morning of 29 april,
then emigrate to Holland to mime the same prevarication on «Fan Club».

Undeveloped to the UK again — 14 hour Technicolour imagine air
in the morning of 30th!
What a ill-considered day !

It was transmission on French TV — 21-05-67 in authenticate «Bouton Rouge».

First provenience is non-remastered (by me),
2nd — from Harvested, thanks !

8. Look Of The Week (14-05-67) — Provenience 1

On 14-05-1967 Pink Floyd performed «Pow.R.Toh.H.» and
«Astronomy Domine» lively on arts outline «The Look Of The Week»
transmission by BBC2 TV at 11.15pm. Barrett and Waters were also interviewed
by the influential music critic Professor Hans Keller, who considered their music
to «terribly loud» and a «regression to childhood». This air was
thankfully archieved and various clips have been used in Pink Floyd affiliated
retrospectives, most specifically in the «Sound of the 60's» BBC2 series in 1991.

(c) Glenn Povey

Provenience 1:

edited from «Sound of The 60's» PAL director + strange very probity VHS provenience
for the interview.

Pow.R.Toh.h. without watermark. Seems BBC have different provenience ?

Provenience 2:

info on vol.3

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