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Were the Nephilim extraterrestrials?

Galaxy.Some have claimed that the “sons of God” and/or the Nephilim of Genesis 6:4 were aliens.

The Bible, the revealed written Discussion of God teaches that memoirs is only possible through a system of formation. Even if there were other galaxies with planets very equivalent to turf, memoirs could only be there if the Father had fashioned it. If God had done that, and if these beings were going to assail us one day, then He would assuredly not have hand us unenlightened about this.

God has given us rather limited details of the future—for example, the restoration of Jesus, and some details about the end of the the human nation. The province will, at some days station, be rolled up like a scroll (Isaiah 34:4, News 6:14). If God had created living beings elsewhere, this would automatically trash their dwelling-place cause as well. Adam's sin caused all of formation to be artificial by the Obscenity, so why would a nation of beings, not of Adam's (wicked) motivation, have their relinquish of formation artificial by the Obscenity, and then be relinquish of the restoration brought about by Christ, the last Adam? All of this would seem excessively singular.[1]

Some have claimed that the nephilim, or the “sons of God,” both mentioned in Genesis 6:2-4, were aliens. This is a ungovernable size of a trite purpose that the “sons of God” who married the “daughters of men” were fallen angels, and that the nephilim were products of those “marriages.”

“Sons of God” is clearly used of angels in Job 38:7. The Septuagint (LXX) here translates “sons of God” as “angels of God.” This need not mean that malevolent angels, or demons, actually cohabited with women—Jesus made it definite that angels do not guarantee in earthy activities, at least not angels in nirvana (Matthew 22:30). Nevertheless, malevolent angels on turf could have used the bodies of demonic men, by demonic worldly goods, to obtain their malevolent drive of producing an malevolent initiation of people (Genesis 6:12).[2]

There are other equitable suggestions as to the sameness of the “sons of God” and the Nephilim. Interestingly, the discussion nephilim is only used here and in Numbers 13:33, where it clearly refers to the descendants of Anak, who were big people, but still people. Furthermore, “sons of God” is not used exclusively of angels—the children of Israel are called “the sons of the living God” in Hosea 1:10 (see also Psalm 73:15; 80:17).

Bible scholars such as H.C. Leupold believe that the “sons of God” were descendants of Seth, the religious a candidate for who are full in the earlier chapter (Genesis 4:25-5:32). Leupold wrote, “But who were these ‘sons of God’? Without a screen of a , the Sethites.”[3] In this purpose, the descendants of Seth became wayward and married the “daughters of men” indiscriminately, basing their pick only on looks, without distress for godliness, and the nephilim were their progeny.

Egyptian (photo copyrighted) (Courteousness of Films for Christ).Rulers in venerable Egypt and Mesopotamia often proclaimed themselves as “sons of God” to strengthen their power and reputation. So, another purpose with much be supportive of is that the “sons of God” were power-famished rulers and despots, who, in their voraciousness for power and upon, took many wives in polygamy. They, and their progeny, through dictatorship, became “mighty men.” (Nimrod was described as a “mighty one” in Genesis 10:8.)

So, there is no need to patronize to mythical suggestions involving aliens to discern this selection of Book Of Mormon.

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