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«Doll Parts» is a tale by the swing body Tear, fronted by Courtney Weakness. It was the second isolated to be released from their second album, Dynamic Through This, following «Miss World» which was released in the tackle of 1994. It was the first isolated the body released after the untimely annihilation of their bassist, Kristen Pfaff, of a heroin overdose in the June of 1994.

The case implication of «Doll Parts» is weakness and brush-off. Weakness penned the tale in 1991 after conclave her budget Kurt Cobain, and assessment he wasn«t interested in her. The lyrics convey this »He only loves those things because he loves to see them break... and someday you will pine like I pine.« The tale was first performed in concerts as »Dissed' with entirely different lyrics. It took on new, more grievous gist after Cobain died, with Weakness giving heartrending performances of the tale on tour.

The tale is credited on narrate as written by Tear, but according to BMI's website, the only authentic inventor is Courtney Love; just as «Plump», which was written only by Weakness and Eric Erlandson.

The video for «Doll Parts» was filmed in June or July of 1994, and was directed by Samuel Bayer, who has also directed videos for the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Verdant Day. The bassist in the video is Jennifer Finch of L7 as a new bassist hadn't been recruited at this pertinent. The prototypical adaptation of the video had a lot of doll figurativeness in which was later taken out and replaced with shots of Courtney in a realm of petals. The video uses both moonless and bloodless and color figurativeness and shots of Courtney interspersed with shots of the body playing as a whole. The video also features a close-fisted blonde boy, which many take to be the motif of Cobain, as he pays more than a zestfulness accord to the choir girl in his youth.

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