EUROMANIA : Uncovering The EU - Documentary (HD) {irish444}.mp4

EUROMANIA : Uncovering The EU — Documentary (HD) {irish444}.mp4

Documentary — (60 Mins.)


In this documentary Peter Vlemmix, the inventor of Panopticon, explores the expanding powers of the European Combination. The European Combination is the greatest cast in latest report. It's a wonderful fulfilment. Europe is liberation, it means no more war, it means 500 million Europeans and 28 countries, which have one change, and remain in the healthiest and safest to all intents of the over the moon marvellous. Peter is proud European, he can hang around without borders and he grew up in non-combative. And today many people see Europe as «the answer.»

But Peter is also a Dutch. He lives in the petty certain Holland with its one and only plentiful mindset. You could say that Holland is his outback, but what is a outback anyway? A outback is its people, very different impure people that have something in regular that is one and only. They quota a erudition, books, regular remembrance, etc. Maybe you«ll see him as nationalist but in incident there are many things he doesn»t like about his outback... like initial dinner times, crappy music, the Queenlike or carnivals.

But he noticed that something is chance to his outback. Europe is becoming more and more confusing every day. It advises the mothers how to have babies, how much forcefulness they can lay out, and the greatness of their strawberries. Netherlands is working very closely with Europe so Peter stony to bring to light out the answers to some of his questions. Is there a limit in the advocacy between Holland and Europe? What is the end end of the European Union? And where is his option in Brussels?

Brussels is getting more and more confusing in the laws of the unlimited countries in the EU. Although the lawmaking is one of the most material parts of a outback most of the Netherland«s laws are not anymore made there but they come from Brussels. It»s a even product... the same rules for each outback. But besides handing over its lawmaking Holland can no longer referee its own budget.

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EUROMANIA : Uncovering The EU — Documentary (HD) {irish444}.mp4

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