Starring: Randall Jones Noir Deadmau5 Vandal Audiojack Nic Fancuilli Dubfire Trentemoller Portable Radio Bondmaid Imogen Slew Tiesto Jim Rivers Atrium Standing Knight Fedde Le Grande Claude VonStroke Micky Slim Chris Lake Mync Stained South Javith Danyelino Maurizio D. Ramirez Rex Mundi Micha Moor Giorgio Giordano Brian Tyler Marc Romboy Stephen Bodzin Oel Polygon Ivan Dan Daniel Tremor Felix the Housecat FR3QNAST3NYP presents:

We were at a bar, and I was really missing NY. I was missing the music disturbance to the put that I brought my ipod mini with me everywhere. I had it on that interest I realized that I was staring into a 60 inch plasma paravent watching Alex Rodriguez in the neighbourhood the bases over and over again.

So conceptualize being in a bar and they are playing some 80's crap at a bargain price a fuss that never made it, while listening to your ipod in one ear, your compatriot in the other, while watching espn in 7 instant loops.

I remembered:

The Incomprehensible Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz together.

It worked for me.

It inspired me to buy the dvd and album. I added TDSOTM as audio tracks on the disc. I formerly larboard out the menus, so the disc played on insert.

With a little analysis one will assign the connections between loose silver-tongued and the Wizard of Oz. So in that formula we clearly surmise from the dulcet movements, and their connections to the primeval cloud.

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MTV? combines guts on cloud with a strong seek out composed of partizans electronic music of the interest. Or, what music idiot box could be. More cinematic than tvish, this DVD will go the next VJ to delivering a mix to further go the envelope.

DVD5 720 x 420i 16:9 Letterbox Mastered in 720x480p DV
Audio PCM 16bit @ 48khz 126BPM Mastered in 24bit 96khz.
(This disc is unmatched for the Precursor DVJ-X1 as the audio is PCM)
2hrs 1min runtime.

Some footage used:
Tron, The Dissolute and the Up The Wall 1 and 3, Layer Cake... no more spoilers;)

The Chapters:

1) With my friends at WMC 06+07
2) The Idiots have taken over Detroit
3) Harrow dying do us part
4) Death
5) Replace me
6) I'll be there in your life
7) Ballsweat
8) I trusted you
9) Ego Trip
10) Are you ready?
11) The internet is a series of tubes
12) Specify of affairs
13) Mtv is a no.
14) London calling
15) Mtv grisly business
16) It's opportunity for a change
17) Inner space
18) Impudence at any cost
19) Neela Drifts
20) Revolution
21) Climaxtic
22) Rebuild
23) Credits
24) All I ever wanted
25) Resistance
26) Starting over
27) Don't think
28) The Show Laws of New YorkThe Trax:

The Disagreement Utensil — Randall Jones — Primeval Mix
Wonderful Skunk — Noir — Deadmau5 Remix
Idiots — Vandal — Audiojack Remix
Auspicious Heather — Nic Fancuilli — Dubfire's Auspicious 13 Remix
Hydrology — Glenn Morrison — Primeval Mix
Keen — Trentemoller — Portable Radio Slave's Acapella Breakdown
Secrete & Request — Imogen Slew — Tiesto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix
Whisk — Titillating Basis — Jim Rivers Vox
In Friendship With You — Atrium — Standing Knight Utensil Flat Vox
Put Your Hands Up for Detroit — Fedde Le Grande (Claude Von Remix)
Aperture to Aperture — Audion — Primeval Mix
Drag Me Away achievement Emma Hewitt Micky Slim — Chris Lake — Funkagenda Spankd Mix
Punctual To Go — Tom Skill and Republica — Order Mix
Everybody Freakin — Mync, Stained South — Primeval Mix
Elementos Fugaces — Agniezka Javith 's @ In Progresso Mix
Roadkill — Dubfire — Danyelino and Maurizio Remix
My MTV — Noir — D. Ramirez «Evil Business» Remix — FR3QNAST3 REDUB
Angle — Rex Mundi — Primeval Mix
Organize — Micha Moor — Klass Order Remix
Intergalactic — Giorgio Giordano — Primeval Mix
Neela Drifts — Brian Tyler
Undefiled Label
Callisto — Marc Romboy and Stephen Bodzin — Primeval Mix
Instinto Primario — Oel and Polygon — Primeval Mix
Delight In The Mollify Ivan and Dan Daniel — Order Mix
What You See — Mike Miller — Jim Rivers Unreleased Dub
Sunburst — Marc Romboy — Primeval Mix
Dancing in Incomprehensible Rooms — Tremor — Jim Rivers Remix
The Following Calls the Awakening — Felix the Housecat — FR3QNAST3 RE-MIXDOWN

Next delivering Dec 14th, in opportunity for Christmas Eve parties and New Years Eve! It's gonna be a DVD9

Live/DJ set by FR3QNAST3
Released: November 1st 2007

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