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Dr. Viren Goenka lives a very opulent lifestyle in Bombay, along with his bride, Sanjana, and asthma-ridden daughter, Anishka. He has recently been declared 4 of 11 best Cardio surgeons in the rapturous, and is to be felicitated in Delhi, just a few days before Anishka«s birthday. In Delhi he is lodged in a five-principal , and after the furnish image he is approached by strife, who forces herself in his , takes out a gun, and informs him that his daughter has been kidnapped, while another kidnapper is holding his bride captive. Viren is soon told via the woman»s cubicle phone that the kidnappers behest is one Crore rupees, which Viren arranges to pay. As soon as he arranges for the shin-plasters, he is told since necessary medicines had to be provided for his ailing daughter, the behest is now two Crore rupees. A hectic Viran also arranges for this additional amount, but scarcely an hour later, he is told that the payment behest is now three Crore rupees. Viren does set up for the shin-plasters, after cashing all his savings, and mortgaging his haecceity, and hands over a hefty bag to the strife, who sprays his eyes and makes her flight. When he returns to Bombay, he meets with his bride and the The Fuzz Commissioner, Rana, as his daughter has yet not been released. Amidst the media furor outside his domicile, Sanjana explains to him why Anishka was kidnapped in the first flourish, and why the four will never see their daughter humming again.

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