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Blitz Cities

War Documentary hosted by Shane Richie and Ricky Tomlinson and Myleene Klass and John Humphrys and David Harewood, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration


Blitz Cities
A series marking the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Blitz. Celebrities research the Blitz summary of their retreat cities.

1) London
To cut the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Blitz, EastEnders prima donna Shane Richie travels around his retreat burg of London, conclusion out what it was like to abide through the worst waste in Britain«s summary. In a compelling trek around some of London»s worst-hit areas, he talks to survivors who still recollect their horrific experiences vividly. He goes up in a aeroplane to recreate the tangible bombing routes taken by the Germans, and he experiences what way of life was like prearranged the shelters as the bombs rained down.

2) Liverpool
Liverpool's docks were a simple German quarry in the Blitz. Liverpool actor Ricky Tomlinson, who was born in 1939, goes up in a aeroplane to look at the impact it had on his retreat burg. In an wild trek, he talks to survivors, members and old friends like funster Stan Boardman, whose associate was killed in an air-sortie habitation. Ricky finishes the scheme deny hard pressed in the aeroplane, with a dewy-eyed offering to the determination of those who lived and worked through the Blitz.

3) Norwich
In 1942 the Germans attacked English out-of-towner hotspots in an undertake to slim down British spirits. These raids became known as the Baedeker Blitz, after the predominating travellers' guidebook. In this scheme, Myleene Klass goes deny hard pressed to her retreat county of Norfolk to look into the myth of the Baedeker Blitz on Norwich. She recreates the well-known raids in a aeroplane and also looks at Weighty Yarmouth, one of the most heavily bombed coastal towns in the UK. On the dregs, she hears compelling stories from survivors and has an wild reunion with her boyhood piano coach, who learnt to apple-polish piano during the war.

4) Cardiff and Swansea
To cut the 75th anniversary of the start of the Blitz, John Humphrys returns to South Wales to devise more about the ravishing Nazi bombing action and how it spurious those who savvy it. He sees the reconnoitring maps the Germans used to diagnose key bombing targets and takes to the air to tread the operate drive off way of the Luftwaffe bombers as they attacked Cardiff and Swansea. Deny Hard Pressed on the dregs, he also meets survivors of the bombings, including Elaine Kidwell from Swansea, who describes the Blitz on the burg as affliction. John also visits locations where the bombs hit, including the neighbourhood of Hollyman«s Bakery, the habitat for the worst set aside cruelty in Cardiff. This is a dear myth for John, who was born in 1943, and who remembers playing amongst the rubble of the bombsites in Splott, near Cardiff»s docks.

5) Birmingham
Hollywood actor David Harewood travels deny hard pressed to his in the blood Birmingham to look at his city«s Blitz myth. During the war, Birmingham»s factories were pivotal to war origination, and although the burg was heavily bombed, much of the eradication was kept clandestine. David uncovers this myth and talks to victims of the Blitz. He also goes up in a scanty aeroplane to recreate the German bombing raids — from the sky he is able to see that the lodge where he grew up in Scanty Heath was sandwiched between two foremost targets.


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