Obscured Secrets - Component 71 - Crestfallen Radiate The Strange Drive Exposed

Secret Secrets — Contribute To 71 - Down Brace The Outlandish Trespass Exposed

What is the Down Brace Project?

It involves two things. A technologically simulated «second coming» and the reemergence of new «MONTAUK» kidney projects that have the capacity to take up a whole knot of people as in a «rapture» kidney of picture and wavelet the whole knot into never-never land.

Ironically, portions of the holographic projections have the undeveloped for changing the planet into oneness with God. Unfortunately, this operates on the postulate that Man shall somehow become God in mortal physique and subdue other Men and decree all actions and thoughts.

The planned recalcitrance to the new dogma, the New People Reserve and the new «Messiah» will impose mortal liability liabilities on a ginormous gradation in the ensuing «holy wars». The «BLUE BRACE PROJECT» will attempt to be the infinite fulfillment of the prophecies of old; as outstanding an anyhow as that which took sort 2000 years ago. In point of view, it will take a run-out powder steal use of the sky as a holographic map box for seat-based laser-generating satellites (principal wars). These projectors will reckon coincident images to the four corners of the planet, in every phraseology by region.

It deals with the holy face of the NEW PEOPLE RESERVE.

The «system» has already been tested. Holographic projections of the «CHRIST IMAGE» have already been seen in some inconsiderable compensation areas. These have only been reported in tabloid papers, so they are instantly rendered open to debate. They can also reckon images of outlandish occupation, aliens, monsters, angels — you name it. Computers will codify the satellites and software will run the mortify-and-tell.

Holography is based on very nearly like signals combining to out and trope, or hologram, with extent instinct. This is equally suitable to acoustic (ELF, VLF, LF) waves as it is to optical phenomena.

Specifically, the «show» will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the planet, each receiving different images according to the predominating regional holy fidelity. Not a distinct arena will be excluded. With computer spirit and resound effects appearing to come from the depths of seat, astonished followers of the various creeds will testimony of their own returned Saviour in spectacularly convincing vivid realness.

The various images of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will unite into ONE after «correct explanation» of the mysteries, prophecies and revelations are disclosed.

This «ONE GOD» will in accomplishment purpose as the «Anti-Christ», who will «explain» that the various scriptures «have been misunderstood»- that the holy of old are culpable for turning buddy against buddy, state against state — that the religions of the people must be abolished to take a run-out powder steal way for the HALCYON AGE (NEW AGE) of the One People Dogma, representing the One God they see before them.

As A Matter Of Course, this superbly staged, intense-gradation direction will development in community and holy mess on a ginormous gradation. Wonder what the tv transmitters of holy networks will be doing on that day ?

But before all this, they have to go through four different steps in reserve to get to Reckon Down Brace.

1: The first according with concerns the fractionation of all archeological knowledge

It deals with staging earthquakes at certain finical locations around the planet where hypothetical new «discoveries» will definitively clarify (for them) that the meanings of the essential doctrines of all the world's outstanding religions are «wrong.»

This falsification will be used to take a run-out powder steal the natives believe that all holy proposition has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. The falsification started with the mist 2001: A Seat Odyssey, the TV-series PRINCIPAL TREK, the PRINCIPAL WARS films, E.T., all of which act on with seat «invasion» and «protection». JURASSIC PARKING-LOT, was to notice the theory of evolution.

2: The second according with deals with the ginormous seat show

3D optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the people, each receiving a different trope, according to its dried real popular holy fidelity. This new «god» trope will talk in all languages.

As an example, the Soviets (verified Russians) have manufactured the advanced computers and have programmed them with the trice cognitive particles based upon their studies of the anatomy and biology of the mortal congress, as well as their studies on the anatomy, chemistry and excitement of the mortal intellect. These computers have also been fed with the different languages of the people.

3: The third according with deals with telepathic electronic two-way communication

ELF (Extraordinarily Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) waves will reach the people of the world through the insides of their brains, making each child believe that his own God is speaking to him from within his own soul.

Such rays, from moon, are fed from the thought of computers that trust in much observations about the mortal being and his languages. These rays will then interlace and interweave with the imbecile philosophy processes to physique what we gather the PHONEY TALK.

4: The fourth according with involves infinite unusual manifestations using electronic means

This according with contains three different orientations:

The first one is to take a run-out powder steal mankind believe that an outlandish trespass is about to arise upon every outstanding see on the world. This is to notice each outstanding state into using its atomic wherewithal to thwack uphold. In this community conventions, it would put each of these nations in a maintain of intense disarmament before the Synergistic Nations after the unsound wasting.

The second is to take a run-out powder steal the «christian» believe that a outstanding elation is occurring, with a frank «played» ace intervention of an hypothetical «good» outlandish coming to protect the adept people from a heartless iniquitous wasting. Its end is to get rid of all meritorious at daggers drawn to the NEW PEOPLE RESERVE.

The third preparation is a intermingling of electronic and unusual forces. The waves (frequencies) used at that even so will allow unusual forces to fraternize through fiber optics line, coaxial line, tense and give someone a ring lines in reserve to register all electronic paraphernalia and appliances that will by then all have a particular microchip installed.

The end of this according with deals with the materialization of iniquitous ghosts, specters, and poltergeists all across the orb in reserve to notice all populations to the restive of a wavelet of suicide, enervating and undying cognitive mess.


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