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Rafferty and Egan first met when they were teenagers in Paisley and they became the centre of Stealers Whither. In the antiquated 1970s, the pack was considered to be the British style of American folk/rock supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Pubescent. They were initially joined by Roger Brown, Rab Noakes and Ian Campbell in 1972. However, that descent-up only lasted a few months and by the in good time always the pack were signed to A&M Records later that same year, Brown, Noakes and Campbell had been replaced by Paul Pilnick, Tony Williams and Rod Coombes. This descent-up recorded their self-titled launch album, Stealers Whither and was produced by the efficacious American songwriters and producers Leiber & Stoller. The album was a dangerous and commercial outcome, reaching #50 in the US Billboard 200 album graph, with their million selling hit choose «Stuck in the Centre with You», coming from the album.[1]

By the in good time always the first album was released Rafferty had heraldry sinister the pack to be replaced by Luther Grosvenor, who remained with the pack for much of 1973 on trek. DeLisle Harper also replaced Tony Williams on trek. «Stuck in the Centre With You» reached #6 in the US Billboard Hot 100 and #8 in the UK Singles Graph[2] in 1973, and sold over one million copies worldwide, and with the album also selling well, Rafferty was persuaded to profit. However, Grosvenor, Coombes and Pilnick all heraldry sinister the pack. With so many changes in the band«s descent-up they officially became a duo, with help musicians as needed on trek and in the studio. Later in 1973 the choose «Everyone»s Agreed That Everything Will Skedaddle A Appeal To Out Fine« had reserved graph outcome (the choose style is different from the album style and all aftermath of CD's) and, in 1974, the choose »Star« reached the Top 30 of both the UK and US charts.[1][2] Reviewing the choose »Star», David Middleton at PopRockNation wrote:

Paul Pilnick: outrun guitar (1972; 2008–present)
Rod Coombes: drums (1972; 2008–present)
Tony Williams: bass guitar (1972; 2008–present)
Tony Mitchell: guitar (2008–present)

Since members

Gerry Rafferty: vocals, outrun guitar (1972–1975)
Joe Egan: outrun vocals, keyboard (1972–1975)
Ian Campbell: bass guitar (1972)
Roger Brown: vocals (1972)
Rab Noakes: guitar, vocals (1972)
Luther Grosvenor (Ariel Bender): vocals, guitar (1972-1973)
DeLisle Harper: bass guitar (1973)
Andrew Steele: drums (1973–1975)
Joe Jammer: guitar (1973–1975)
Gerry Taylor: bass guitar (1973–1975)
Bernie Holland: guitar (1975)
Dave Wintour: bass guitar (1975)

Inception Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Genres Escarpment, clan, clan escarpment, shape rock
Years working 1972–1975, 2008–present

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Labels A&M

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