The Romantics - What I Like About You [promo].VOB

The Romantics — What I Like About You [promo].VOB

HQ rare promo music video from a promo DVD. «What I Like About You» is a long story by American astonish music team up The Romantics. The long story, written by Romantics members Wally Palmar, Mike Take Off and Jimmy Marinos is featured on the band«s self-titled 1980 come out album, and was also released as a lone. Marinos, the band»s drummer, is the create chanteuse on the long story. The team up filmed a music video for the long story that appeared many a beat on MTV during the at daybreak 1980s.

«What I Like About You» was written by the faction around a guitar shard by Take Off. The song«s «Hey, uh-huh-huh» refrain was influenced by The Yardbirds» «Over Under Edgeways Down» and Chuck Berry«s «Back in the U.S.A.». The song»s riff is diet compare favourably with to Neil Diamond«s «Cherry, Cherry» and The Standells hit «Dirty Water.» The long story is many a beat mis-identified as being recorded by the Kinks due in shard to its mid 60»s British pop astonish unmarred. The Romantics recorded the long story and the accompanying album at Coconuts recording studio in Miami Beach.

When first released, «What I Like About You» was already a commonplace long story on the Romantics' concert playlist. In terms of sales and announce airplay, however, the long story was only a fair outcome at the beat of its rescuing, reaching only #49 on the Billboard Hot 100. The long story did quite well in Australia however, reaching #2 on the Australian Singles Plan (Kent Music Dispatch) on its sign rescuing. It was only towards the end of the 1980s, after the long story had been licensed for use in small screen commercials for Budweiser beer, that «What I Like About You» grew to become one of the most commonplace astonish anthems of all beat.

«What I Like About You» has become a ordinary of newfangled astonish, appearing on numerous compilation albums of 1980s pop and astonish music hits and heard in iterative rotation on newfangled astonish and timeless astonish announce. The long story is also often played at sporting events, parties, and at bars and clubs. In furthermore to Budweiser, the long story has also been heard promoting products, services, and institutions including the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball line-up, Barbie toy dolls, SeaWorld and T.G.I. Friday«s restaurants. The long story was also featured in TV commercials for Hampton Inn, Esurance, Papa John»s Pizza, Toon Disney, and Toyota as recently as 2008. The long story was also included in the films Richie Deep (1994), Shrek 2 (2004), Surf's Up (2007) and Marmaduke (2010).

The Romantics is an American new white horse team up from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1977. The team up adopted the name «The Romantics» because they formed on Valentine«s Day, 1977. The Romantics achieved celebrity in the Coalesced States, Canada, parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, and Latin America during the first half of the 1980s on the tenaciousness of the band»s songs and music videos. They were influenced by 1950s American astonish and roster and 1960s American garage astonish as well as British Assault music.
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