Vicente Fernández - Para Siempre (Big Papi) Ranchera Latin Mexican

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Vicente Fernández — Para Siempre (Big Papi) Ranchera Latin Mexican
By Sammity Sam on November 7, 2007
Looks: Audio CD
I haven«t listened to mexican music in a while, much less ranchera but I, like most Mexicans, know and inamorata alot of Vicente songs and consider him among Mexico»s nationalist treasures. This album got me in back of surreptitiously to listening to Mexican music again since I was hooked when I first heard the album (footprints 2). I also just well-educated that Joan Sebastian is accountable for theme all the tracks on this wonderful album. It«s a exotic album with wonderful lyrics (which makes or breaks a commotion for me) and once sung with Chente»s wonderful raise, the album becomes ungovernable. If Chente worked with Joan on the idleness of his albums, I«d get them all. A second realm of possibilities would have to be Marco Antonio Solis, also inclined to of theme in any type if he feels like it. I haven»t missed an album since «Mi Fantasia». Anyways, below are my fav 4 for now.

— Top 4:
— A Quien Vas a Amar Mas Que a Mi — «No vas hallar al ser maravilloso al ser perfecto, que rebase este amor y que en efecto, te entregue todo y mas de lo que di» OH MY GOD! Wonderful

— Niña Hechicera — Keen time and Vicente makes you want to whistle along.

— Para Siempre — Ticklish and stolid guitar name with Chente singing: «Vale mas un buen amor, que mil costales de oro...» How true.

— Millon De Primaveras — Have someone in your nearby you just can't get over? This commotion is for you.

Here is what else I harken to to when not Chente (Como Me Haces Falta is an example of keen lyrics, at least for me, on this Bukis album):
A Donde Vas

Mi Fantasia

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