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Emptiness Australia with Ray Mears Series 1

Description Documentary hosted by Ray Mears, published by ITV in 2016 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Emptiness Australia with Ray Mears Series 1
In Emptiness Australia, Ray Mears delves into the spectacularly separate Australian prospect to look at some of the outlandish and wonderful forms that are able to real and suggestible in the realty Down Under.

From the enlarging waters of the Grievous Limit Reef and the prodigious wilderness of Arnhem Realty, to the teeming Cooper Cove billabongs and the olden heartland of the rainforest, each affair sees Mears survey the colourful tangible geography of the locality, the very seedy conditions that crop up there and the wildlife species that have adapted to suggestible in those environments.

1) Reef
He begins by exploring the Grievous Limit, winning a row-boat out to Hervey Bay off the coastline of Queensland with whale proficient Wally Franklin, where they regard humpback whales on their way to the feeding grounds in Antarctica. Ray then heads to Lady Elliot Atoll, where he goes scuba diving on the coral reef in the dialect expect of spotting manta rays.

2) Wetlands
Ray explores the country's wetlands by peripatetic to Arnhem Realty in the Northern Area, one of the most slight regions of Australia, where he comes look to look with a ogre saltwater crocodile and witnesses the olden custom of agribusiness with fire.

3) Bush
Ray explores the Bush in the submit of Victoria and tracks down two Australian icons — the kangaroo and the koala. He also canoes across a under cover lake in search of the evasive plunge-billed platypus, one of the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth.

4) Rainforest
Ray continues to survey the country«s wildlife, seedy and geography by peripatetic far down into the rainforest as he attempts to hunt down down cassowaries and tree kangaroos, two of Australia»s most evasive creatures.

5) Coastline
Ray continues to survey the country's wildlife, seedy and geography by peripatetic along the Grievous Scads Avenue in Victoria, winning to the seas off the coastline in search of species like the weedy sea dragon and encountering dolphins, penguins and fur seals.

6) Leave High
Ray concludes his haste with a affect to the leave high. He flies the Uluru monolith in a helicopter, before he camps under the stars and spotting a mass of marsupials, including the red kangaroo.

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