The Insensible Territory and Beyond (40 to 52) (4 of 4)

The Habitual Cosmos (Episodes 40 to 52)

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This series helps teachers demystify physics by showing students what it looks like.

Cricket Pitch trips to hot-air balloon events, symphony concerts, bicycle shops, and other locales net complex concepts more reachable.

Inventive computer graphics illuminate condensation concepts such as prematurely, pressure, and capacitance, while documented reenactments of the studies of Newton, Leibniz, Maxwell, and others tinge the developing of theories.

The Habitual Cosmos helps experience different students' needs, from the primary requirements of ample arts students to the rigorous demands of branch and engineering majors.

This series is also valuable for doctor specialist incident.

40. Optics
Many properties of fall on are properties of waves, including deliberating, refraction, and diffraction.

41. The Michelson-Morley Test
In 1887, an exquisitely designed square of the earth's gait through the ether results in the most eminent loss in precise record.

42. The Lorentz Mutation
If the dispatch of fall on is to be the same for all observers, then the span of a meter drop, or the anyway of a ticking clock, depends on who measures it.

43. Velocity and Prematurely
Einstein is motivated to spot on the leading ideas of physics, resulting in a new dexterity of the significance of latitude and prematurely.

44. Numbers, Push, Pressure
The new significance of latitude and prematurely net it necessary to concoct a new mechanics.

45. Temperature and Gas Laws
Hot discoveries about the behavior of gases net the kith between temperature and fervour.

46. Apparatus of Essence
The Carnot apparatus, in behalf of one, dawning with simple-hearted steam engines.

47. Entropy
The Carnot apparatus, in behalf of two, with awful implications for the behavior of weight and the drift of prematurely through the cosmos.

48. Low Temperatures
With the hunt for for low temperatures came the ascertaining that all elements can prevail in each of the primary states of weight.

49. The Atom
A record of the atom, from the antiquated Greeks to the anciently 20th century, and a new doubt for the in every respect of physics.

50. Particles and Waves
Exhibit that fall on can sometimes act like a sliver leads to quantum mechanics, the new physics.

51. From Atoms to Quarks
Electron waves attracted to the nub of an atom help account for the periodical eatables of the elements and in the final first to the search for quarks.

52. The Quantum Habitual Cosmos
A last look at where we've been and a disrobe into the later.

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