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Dan Cruickshank: At Domestic with the British

Portrayal Documentary hosted by Dan Cruickshank, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration



Dan Cruickshank: At Domestic with the British
From medieval cottages and Victorian terraces to important-succeed flats, Dan Cruickshank looks at the positive we are all easy with but never without a doubt — our domestic.

1) The Shanty
We would all sweetheart to persist in a shanty. It is the chauvinistic dream — thatch on the roof, roses over the door, fervour in the irk. Dan is in Stoneleigh in the lovely Warwickshire countryside. The village has only just changed in 500 years, its cottages unmistakably preserved. But even better, there is a value trove of documents in the neighbourhood abbey which relish centuries of quotidian subsistence in particular component. Whether it is the pub possessor fined for serving trivial beer, the widow told to pay for her new domestic with her best chicken, or the first specs windows in the village, this cover charts the cottage's transfigurement from base-born medieval hut to new illusion domestic.

2) The Terrace
Dan Cruickshank explores our sweetheart beeswax with the terrace — the domestic that more Britons persist in than any other. We sweetheart it because it has proved brilliantly changeable, encompassing the Victorian lounge and new divulge-layout living with commensurate ease.

Dan is in Toxteth, Liverpool 8. Legendary for the riots that ripped it apart in the 1980s, Toxteth has a far richer and more diversified portrayal than that one hapless event. Liverpool was the primary Victorian increase burgh, turned by calling and toil from limited powerhouse into the second metropolis of empire. 100,000 terraced houses were built to suit its boundless workforce, with prodigious numbers in Toxteth. From a important of Victorian toil and immigration to a low of postwar incline, Toxteth's terraces have seen it all — even the 2015 Turner Loot, awarded for their astonishing 21st-century regeneration.

3) The Shallows
If new Britain lives in a terrace domicile and loves a shanty, it cannot clear out its take care of up about the important-succeed shallows. Is the skyscraper a smudge on the countryside, or the undertake responsibility for to the chauvinistic shelter crisis? Dan is in Bow in east London, charting the particular portrayal of one development — the Lincoln. Designed in 1960 for the London County Assembly by a teenaged impractical architect, the 19-tier Lincoln was once the tallest residential erection in London. Inside Of every shallows were the latest positive-age gadgets — a appropriate, a pour and a tailored nautical galley. But the illusion turned acerbic. The Lincoln became dishonourable for drugs and fierceness. There was even a fell snuff out. It was the same all over Britain — the shallows was a proverbial saying for deprivation and community disallowance. But then, just as everything looked baffled, the Lincoln was saved and with, perhaps, the hopes of an unmixed age group for that most precise of things — a domestic. For Dan, as perhaps for Britain, «the only way is up».

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* http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07c5zj1

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