Albela (1951)(VCDRip)(gnv64)


Day-fantasizer and Artist, Pyarelal, lives a pitiful lifestyle in Bombay with his retired dad; housewife mom; married fellow-countryman, Mohan and his helpmeet, Malti; and unbetrothed sister, Vimla. It is now but for Vimla to get married, her dad has saved a thousand Rupees, while Mohan has made arrangements for six hundred more, and Pyarelal is asked to systematize for four hundred. Instead Pyarelal brings habitation one hundred rupees, informing his kinsmen that he has been fired from his job, and will be not able to instigate any more long green. An barney ensues, and Pyarelal is asked to bid someone. He leaves, swearing only to benefit when he is a celebrated and well-heeled man. He meets with charming actress, Asha, both trail in regard with each other, and he starts acting in the theater, and achieves adept sensation. He starts sending long green and gifts habitation to his parents, and hopes that they will be on cloud nine with his sensation. Then one day when he feels that he has achieved his sensation, he returns habitation — only to recoup out that the long green and gifts he has been sending habitation are missing; his mom has passed away; his dad and sister are missing, believed to be begging in the streets; his sister's amalgamation has been canceled; his fellow-countryman cannot buttress himself; and his sister-in-law, has a subfuscous weighty private that she cannot tell anyone.

Produced by Bossman Bhagwan

Directed by Bossman Bhagwan

Authentic Music by C. Ramchandra         

Cinematography by Shankar A. Palav         

Videotape Editing by G.G. Patil         

Art Supervising by S.N. Kulkarni

Theme credits

Representation by Bossman Bhagwan

Lyrics by Rajendra Krishan

Dialogues byEhsan Rizvi


Geeta Bali    ...     Asha

Bossman Bhagwan    ...     Pyarelal (as Bhagwan)

Badri Prasad    ...     Pyarelal's Father

Sunder    ...     Field Of Action Holder (as Sundar)

Pratima Devi    ...     Pyarelal's Mother

Dulari    ...     Malti

Bimla Kumari    ...     Bimla (as Bimla)

Usha Shukla        

Nihal Tuma        (as Nihal)

Maruti Rao    ...     Drummer (as Maruti)

Shyam        (as Shyamu)



Order : MPEG — 4 Visual

Codec ID : XVID  

Duration : 2h 23mn

Bit kind : 722 Kbps

Range : 704 pixels

Apogee : 576 pixels

Show complexion proportion : 1.222

Plan kind : 25.000 fps

Commitment : 8 bits

Colorimetry : 4:2:0

Delve Into model : Progressive

Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.071

Out measurements : 744 MiB (87%)

Theme library : XviD 1.1.2 (UTC 2006-11-01)


Order : MPEG Audio

Order manifestation : Manifestation 1

Order improve take advantage of : Layer 3

Vogue : Intersection stereo

Duration : 2h 23mn

Bit kind vogue : Constant

Bit kind : 96.0 Kbps

Guide(s) : 2 channels

Sampling kind : 44.1 KHz

Out measurements : 98.8 MiB (12%)

Interleave, duration : 26 ms (0.65 video plan)          

IMDB      http:// tt0137349/

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