Determination Nemo / Determination Nemo (2003) HDTVRip 1080p dual audio ENG // RUS

Year : 2003 Released : USA, Australia / Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Spiritedness Studios Brand : Comedy, Enterprise, Next Of Kin, Spiritedness Duration : 1:40:35 Decoding : Inessential + Efficient (many) + English ( primordial) + Comments (Primordial) Subtitle : Yes (English, Russian) Directed by : Andrew Stanton / Andrew Stanton, Lee Ankrich / Lee Unkrich Localization has : Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe, Eric Bana, Allison Janney, Austin Pendleton , Stephen Next Of Kin, Vicki Lewis, Geoffrey Excitement, Elizabeth Perkins, Joe Renft version : Among the finest tropical thalassic elements, on the Keen Ditch Reef in the solitariness of living buffoon fish named Marlin. He raises his only son Nemo. The scads and the dangers that obtain in it is very timorous of Marlin, and how can he protects his son from them, but the junior Nemo, who suffers from unwarranted rarity, is sarcastic to decide out more about the curious reef, near which they unexploded. When Nemo, ironically, turns out to be far away from where it hurts , and still faces the intimidation of becoming dinner, fish tank, Marlin goes in search of her son. But Marlene, of course, in the know that the mythological of it does not effort and asks for help in the search, Dori, kinglike dispirited fish, which, though pain from the to be sure that almost does not muse on anything, but it does not decide a kinder throughout the capacious scads ! So, our heroes go on a make in which they lie in put off for the numerous difficulties and dangers ... thx zhutky wholly cartoon, titles are not circumcised. Thank vancouver26 - for help. Video Blue Blood : HDTVRip 1080p (Inception: HDTV 1080i) Size : MKV Video codec : H.264 Audio Codec : AC3 / DTS Video : MPEG4 (H264), 1920 x 1040, 23.976 fps, ~ 6140 kbit / s Audio # 1 : AC3, 320 Kbit / s, 48 kHz (6 ch) Dubbing Audio # 2 : DTS, 768 kbit / s, 48 kHz (6 ch) Polyphonic Audio # 3 : AC3, 448 Kbit / s, 48 kHz (6 ch) English Audio # 4 : AC3, 192 Kbit / s, 48 kHz (2 ch) Commentary

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