The Hustler (1961) Paul Newman Eng

As The Hustler«s «Fast» Eddie Felson, Paul Newman created a first-classification antihero, charismatic but fundamentally weakened, and nobody»s r beau id. A mere speculator from Oakland, CA, as upright as anyone who ever picked up a cue, Eddie has an Achilles« tail: pride. It»s not enough for him to win: he must jemmy his rival to acquiesce his primacy. The moving picture follows Eddie from his marriage against billiards champ Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) as he falls in tenderness with Sarah (Piper Laurie), an barfly would-be novelist and sometime quean, and falls under the formula of Bert Gordon (George C. Scott), a profitable gambler who offers to take Eddie under his wing and communicate to him how to sleep around in the big together. However, when Sarah joins Eddie and Bert on a freak out to Louisville for a tall-stakes marriage with a beau named Findlay (Murray Hamilton), the consequences certify depressing. Along with a first-classification discharge by Newman, The Hustler also features turns by Scott, Laurie, and Gleason, in a rare exaggerated r. Cameos from mere champ Willie Mosconi and boxer Jake LaMotta add to the air of Harry Horner«s grubby forging invent and Eugen Schüfftan»s camerawork. Impresario Robert Rossen, who had been working in films since 1937, was to candid only one more sheet, Lilith (1964), before his liquidation in 1966. In 1986, Newman returned to the r of «Fast» Eddie in Martin Scorsese's The Color of Fat, for which he eventually earned an Academy Trophy as Best Actor. — 7210

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