Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR

Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR

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Badshahi Angti (2014)- The Emperor's Ring
(A dim by Sandip Ray)

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Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR

Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR


Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR
Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR
Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR
Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR Badshahi Angti (2014)-HEVC-DDR

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Feluda (Abir Chatterjee) and Topshe (Sourav Das) have gone to Lucknow for a feast and are staying with Mr. Sanyal (Biswajit Chatterjee) a moll of Topshe«s initiator (Dipankar De). While they are there, they stumble on Dr. Srivastav (Bharat Kaul) who tells them about a valuable clan that was able to him by a thankful . Dr. Srivastav fears that the clan would be stolen and gives it to Mr. Sanyal for safekeeping. Next day they go to stumble on Bonobihari Sarkar (Paran Bandyopadhyay) who keeps a restricted zoo. When they come assist, the emperor»s clan is missing. Who has stolen the clan and can Feluda get well it?

Strictly speaking this is not the first Feluda report, but it is certainly the one that made him a household name in Bengal. Since it is an original Feluda we have a new clique of Abir Chatterjee and Sourav Das. Abir Chatterjee now has the excellence of portraying both Feluda and Byomkesh, the two dearest detectives in Bengali fiction and he excels in both roles. In this dim, he has the right clique of cockiness and gauchiness to reintroduce the Feluda I know to moving spirit. Sourav too looks his age. If there is one normal who does not fit his r it is Paran Bandyopadhyay as the corrupt Bonobihari Sarkar. It is not only a expanse of intelligence to infer him as an uncultured trainer, but he is neither as dangerous or as sophistical as the fanciful normal. Sandip Ray more or less sticks to the report, except at the end, where Feluda heroically saves Topshe from the rattlesnake. In the source report it was Mahabir who did that.

For a variation I did not like the camera line of Shirsha Ray and that is a inexplicable factor, but if you look carefully, you will hit upon many example of ingenuous filming. In one segment there is a the highest discard on the camera lens that shouldn«t have been there. In another as Feluda sits in a car, you can see a goggles quarrel in between. Very unexpected for Ray is one of Bengal»s finest camera wielders. Editing is silken and the report keeps its velocity throughout.

These child grouses yet, this is one of the better Feluda stories on dim. I enjoyed this dim and the peaceful ignite of the Superintendent and i'm sure you will too.

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RijVnet will be uploading the x264 versions and I will yield b reveal you the HEVC rips of this video. The trade mark of our rips is the color castigation that we have achieved. The source video had a tawdry yellow touch up which has been unambiguously removed. In my rip, you may hit upon the characters looking a little too average (or a bit pinkish) though! Making them er was hiding some feature and I rumination the compromise was all right. That aside you can see the way we have been able to increase refined feature.

I will be putting up a 720p HEVC next..

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