Walt Disneys Pocahontas-1995 720p BDRip x264 Ac3 5.1 mp4 SubX@720

STEAM EPITHET: Walt Disney`s Pocahontas — 1995 720p BDRip x264 Ac3 5.1 mp4 Sub[X@720]
Variety: kids,Dash,ADVENTURE
Issue:[ 1995]Bluray Issue[2012]
Director/S:Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg
Litt:Carl Binder, Susannah Grant
Stars: Mel Gibson, Linda Pursuit and Christian Bale
Nation: usa
Argot: English
Calculate:About this outburst:
Precise to the zeal of a large Disney deathless, this abnormal steam bursts with music and chance from «Just Around the Riverbend», and now, for the first continually, show it all in spaced out focus on Blu-Ray. Along the edgewaters of Virginia, Pocahontas, the let go-vivacious daughter of Chief Powhatan, watches as a inscrutable shipload of English settlers arrives, led by the stingy Governor Ratcliffe and the gallant Captain John Smith. Along with her humorous pals, Meeko, a baleful raccoon, and feisty hummingbird, Flutter, Pocahontas develops a hard-wearing rapport with Captain Smith. But when tensions mount between their two very different cultures, Pocahontas seeks the pep up clear-sightedness of Grandmother Willow to help her hit upon a way for everyone to current together in non-combative. Conqueror of two Academy Awards (1995) for Best Kerfuffle B Evasion («Colours Of The Wind») and Best Melodious Register, Pocahontas surrounds you with the riches of another rhapsodic conqueror in Disney's passionate hit column!

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Looks : MPEG — 4

Looks outline : Unseemly Media

Codec ID : isom

March judge : 2.64 GiB

Duration : 1h 21mn

Overall bit have a claim to : 4 651 Kbps


ID : 1

Looks : AVC

Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec

Looks outline : High@L4.1

Looks settings, CABAC : Yes

Looks settings, ReFrames : 9 frames

Codec ID : avc1

Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding

Duration : 1h 21mn

Bit have a claim to : 4 009 Kbps

Summit bit have a claim to : 21.0 Mbps

Breadth : 1280 pixels

Summit : 720 pixels

Disclose prospect relationship : 16:9

Draft have a claim to trend : Constant

Draft have a claim to : 23.976 fps

Color set out : YUV

Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0

Bit brightness : 8 bits

Explore In Depth prototype : Progressive

Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.181

Walk judge : 2.27 GiB (86%)

Looks : AC — 3

Format/Info : Audio Coding 3

Codec ID : ac — 3

Duration : 1h 21mn

Bit have a claim to trend : Constant

Bit have a claim to : 640 Kbps

Furrow(s) : 6 channels

Furrow positions : Fa: L C R, Side: L R, LFE

Sampling have a claim to : 48.0 KHz

Bit brightness : 16 bits

Compression trend : Lossy

Walk judge : 371 MiB (14%)

Epithet : Ac3 5.1 640kbps

Argot : English

Video Beginning: Pocahontas.I 1995 BluRay.1080p.AVC.DTS-HD.MA5.1

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