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Millennium: A Thousand Years of History

Biography Documentary hosted by Ben Kingsley, published by CNN broadcasted as element of CNN Perspectives series in 1999 - English narration


Throw One«s Lot In With CNN»s MILLENNIUM for a inclusive arc over the last 1,000 years, watching the people, events and achievements that shaped the beget. The 10, one-hour episodes of MILLENNIUM are unparalleled in their classify of perception and compelling in their television. Yet MILLENNIUM is neither chronological nor all-encompassing. Instead, it is eclectic, a omnium gatherum of things huge--or grudging--that sculpted the beget. Each of the 10 episodes of MILLENNIUM focuses on a fix century, brought to living by five vignettes from five different locations worldwide. Inspired by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto's work, «Millennium,» and filmed in 28 countries, the series is as geographically far-ranging as the beget it covers. Its producers and crews gone more than two years and traveled 100,000 miles assemblage footage. MILLENNIUM reconstructs the visual images of days of old ages using this footage, along with fertile re-enactments and computer-generated clear .

Series Concept : Ted Turner
A Jeremy Isaacs Television for CNN Productions, Inc.

7) The Seventeenth Century: Century of the Shorten
The r of the scientist changed dramatically. Greatest of all the new gentlemen scientists was Isaac Newton, whose experiments with the laws of stripe were undertaken to spree God, not to discredit his persistence. Colonies were established along America's Atlantic coasts. The first, in Jamestown, Virginia, struggled to reachable until the tobacco work made it sustainable. Slaves were transported from Africa to usefulness new colonies. The largest numbers were taken to Brazil by the Portuguese and Dutch, their compressed, harsh lives eked out on the sugar plantations. In Europe the cost-effective center of severity shifted north. The Dutch became mellifluous on the South East Asian piquancy work and Amsterdam began a yellow age. Women entered issue and huge painters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer were commissioned by the emerging mid year. Europe began to blocking Arabic and Chinese eminence in system. Visiting Jesuits proved to the Emperor in China that their apprehension of astronomy was more meticulous than that of the Chinese.


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