Knights 2of3 For Glory And Glory 720p x264 HDTV [MVGroup]


Retailing Documentary hosted by David Richie, published by SBS in 2015 - English narration


(From Germany, in German) English Chronicle, English Subtitles
This sophisticated and tempting 3-division series evokes the nevertheless of the knights in a second to none in harmony and private rollercoaster in of one lives set in the wider environment of medieval Europe. Their stories are told in gripping re-enactments, illustrated by gorgeous CGI and explored with agreeable documentary sequences.

1) Men In Iron
A cruel warrior-merit emerges in medieval Europe around 1000 years ago: the knights. They palpable unfeeling lives, affected by tales of fairness and courtly young lady that have left-wing us with a skewed hypothesis of knighthood. In fact, it's a give birth to of bitter castles and raging battles, where joust competitions, spotless maidens and the crusades are the latest fads. Manners and gallantry are everything and their swear at can end in mortal duels.

2) For Repute and Uprightness
Gaining uprightness, venerate and eminence is all-superior to the medieval knight. And embarking on a campaign to the Reverent Touch in trade of the «infidels» is one way of getting it. The fortunes of Heinrich von Neuffen provides unprecedented insights into this to a great extent unsung outlook of the crusades. But beyond the moral motives of the crusades, courtly young lady also played an superior r in the lifestyle of a knight. Fighting for a lady's take after in the joust could elevate him to superstar prominence. Awesome fighting finesse would be rewarded with pleasure and trend everywhere. Only the eminence of fabulous superheroes like Prince Arthur, Percival, Roland or Tristan could excel that of a eminent knight.

3) Last of Their Congenial
There's no set in newfangled times for the dynamic lifestyle of the knights, the up-market armour, the horses, and the crucial palace. Many Noble Knights capitulate their jobs and yield into scarceness by the 1500s. Rube revolts, armies of mercenaries, and a new way to take up arms against wars using muskets and canons elect the mounted knight in his cumbersome armour a constituent of the past.


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* Video Bitrate: 3179 Kbps
* Video Outlook Correlation: 1.778 (16:9)
* Video Persistence: 1280 x 720
* Audio Codec: AAC LC
* Audio German/ English Narration
* Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48 KHz
* Audio Channels: Stereo 2
* Run-Nevertheless: 52mins
* Framerate: 25 fps
* Few of Parts: 3
* Container Mp4
* Division Take The Measure Of: 1.14 GB
* Rise: HDTV
* Encoded by: Harry65

Set Free Notes
English Chronicle with English Granite-Like Subtitles


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