Britney Spears - Born To Do You Gratified (2nafish)

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«Born to Muddle Through You Happy» is a mid-continuously bubblegum pop long story written by Kristian Lundin and Andreas Carlsson, and produced by Lundin for Britney Spears« launch studio album «...Baby One More Time» (1999). It was chosen as the album»s fourth distinct in some selected territories such as Europe. The long story became Spears' second horde-one hit in Ireland and the Connected Kingdom.

The starting concept was to represent Spears in a reverie, lamenting over her ex-lover, by whom she was secretly pointed with their lady, but Jive directly withdrew the stance once it was leaked to the renowned and received unresponsive reception.

Directed by Billie Woodruff in Los Angeles from October 24-25, 1999, the music video for «Born to Muddle Through You Happy» begins with a conjecture of Spears sleeping. In her reverie, she is wearing a beaming shining fit out and sitting in a vulgar and shining futuristic latitude with several different levels. Following this piece of the video, Spears appears atop the apartment edifice where this latitude is bring about, performing a sashay section in a red top and swarthy skirt. In another piece of the reverie, Spears, now wearing corpse-like clothes, is seen at her latitude, singing. The last piece of the reverie has her fondness fascinate come into her latitude to see her. The video concludes with the partner having a pillow engage which Spears wins. The boom box order of the long story was used for the video, it shortens two accessory bridges, one in the central of the long story, and the other one towards the end. It was released in Europe on November 13, 1999.

The video was from the first only aired outside the US and was only shown in the US at concerts during Britney's ...Baby One More Continuously Tour.

The long story was written by Andreas Carlsson and Kristian Lundin, and was also produced by the latter. It«s composed in the key of D Vital, Spears» vocal row in this long story is over an octave from F3-B4. Lyrically, in this mid-continuously ballad, Spears recalls a relationship she desires to right, not quite discernment what went awful as she comes to the fulfilment that she was «born to muddle through you happy.»

The CD distinct released a «Demo» view of the capture, occupation it a «Bonus Remix.» The capture contains precisely alternate vocals and more of an acoustic take of the capture. This alternate recording shows off Spears' vocals. This view was recorded in Cortege 1998, while the released view being re-recorded later in 1998.

Despite the song«s innocence and guilelessness, the long story was from the first procreant. The long story was so procreant it made the then 16 year-old Britney Spears uncomfortable to recording it saying «»This may be a little old for me.« Because of the perception article, I don»t want to go over the top.» The long story was later rewritten into the innocuous ballad it is now.

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